GTA 5 – First Person Shooting Gameplay (PS4)

GTA 5 – First Person Shooting Gameplay (PS4)

24 Responses to GTA 5 – First Person Shooting Gameplay (PS4)

  1. Looks like a rather shitty fps mode… If I get the game then I’ll just
    play it as it was meant to, in other words 3rd person. Or install a mod
    that makes it better!

  2. Could you really aim down sights? Because I saw that you could in the next
    gen trailer, or consider yourself as a “weak” gamer by using only auto aim.
    And it’s such a bad review not to show every aspects and the features of
    what you could do with the mechanics. Hope it’ll be improved in the later
    gameplay videos. Keep up the good work.

  3. I don’t play the game so I might be wrong, but what’s the point of aiming
    down the sights if you can shoot almost very accurately when firing from
    the hip?

  4. Them textures 😀 Can’t wait to get it again on pc this time <3 The master
    race has prevailed once more.

  5. People talking about “weak gamers” in the comment section. Define what a
    computer game is. It’s typically for fun and amusement. Everyone, play how
    you want to play. Enjoy yourselves, controller or mouse. Who cares if you
    use “Auto-aim” or whatever they call it these days. I repeat, enjoy
    yourselves :)

  6. You can only aim down sights if your gun has sights… that’s REALLY dumb.
    Why couldn’t they just have an ADS system like CoD or Battlefield, when you
    can always aim down sights?

  7. Yea I’m grabbing this for ps4 this and 2k will hold me til more games drop.
    Ps4 is better by the way if your curious

  8. To all of the people wondering about the aiming, you indeed CAN disable the
    assists, and aim down the sights like in most of the fps games. But I dont
    know why this fool titled a video “shooting gameplay” when using the

  9. So this is what next-gen looks like? More like welcome back 2003. And what
    the fuck is up with slo-mo shooting? And the aliens?

  10. If i wante da FPS i would play COD you can see that this mode is not even
    good in this game. Third person view allows you to know whats happening
    around while driving, shooting, or just enjoying the view; is perfect for
    an big open world like this. THis mode is crap no one will use it, just for
    testing. Awful “improvement” glad its optional

  11. First person shooting. With console aim. Yeeeaaah, totally a next gen. I’l
    just wait for pc version.

  12. Вид от первого лица явно не предназначен и работает не коректно. Видно что
    пушку держит по калечному и текстура не очень… 

  13. The lack of a persistent reticle is beyond me, ESPECIALLY now that it is in
    first person. I don’t understand why GTA doesn’t have a button to raise or
    lower your weapon instead of automatically lowering it after a couple of
    seconds. In gta 5 on Xbox 360 I was constantly holding down the right
    trigger halfway to keep the reptile on screen. I was hoping I wouldn’t have
    to do this in first person. I thought rockstar mentioned they were changing
    the controls to make them more suitable for fps?

  14. It’s just me or the first person view seems to be more dark than the 3rd
    person view? The cover and firing is kinda annoying. What I mean is, FPS is
    good (on the PC will be great, not just good) but this FPS thing will
    probably get you tired soon for the game’s concept was made for thirds, and
    you will be changing once it’s gets there. I’m right? Anyway I think this
    is the response from R* to Ubisoft, after Watch Dogs delay… their game
    suddenly got out back that year with a FPS wheel camera and some other
    copies and pastes from GTA V… Now Ubis can see how things are done.