GTA 5 Funny Moments – NAVY SEAL COPS! (Car Show Fails) [GTA V Stream Highlight]

GTA 5 Funny Moments – NAVY SEAL COPS! (Car Show Fails) [GTA V Stream Highlight]

25 Responses to GTA 5 Funny Moments – NAVY SEAL COPS! (Car Show Fails) [GTA V Stream Highlight]

  1. all they need to do in this game is make a no-cop session. They added the
    lester ability but that lasts for 3 minutes and is so much money. If they
    make a no-cop session they can disable things like looting stores and
    armored trucks etc. So that people that want to have a war in the city or
    do fun things like killing their friends, they can. the cops are so
    bullshit they hit you , you get stars then you die and lose your car.

  2. Saintsfan is a fucking dick in this video,you could atleast ask that guy
    with the warrener to go aside?

    Oh yeah you come up with these new series videos but then you have no time
    for the others and then you say you’re always busy…

  3. Why is everybody hatin on Dat SaintsFan he was just killing the guy cause
    he didn’t have the right car that’s the rules.. Plus it’s just a game

  4. Saints fan
    U can improve this by making this a weekly thing on Sundays, adding sound
    effects, maybe some music, and etc…
    By etc…, I mean things that would improve it
    I’m not ur boss but I’m just saying
    Can everyone plz like this comment so that saints can can see this
    Thank you
    No need to hate
    I’m not looking for attention

  5. Who ever is being a jerk to saintsfan just stop, hes not being a jerk by
    blowing up people’s cars when they have the wrong one. And if u dont like
    the video dont watch it then, problem solved. These are his videos not
    yours leave him to do what he does he actually takes time to do these.

    And im prob gonna get hate for this. 

  6. I’m glad most of you guys enjoyed this video. And for those who didnt and
    think I was acting like a dick, of course I was bc some people just dont
    follow the rules and it makes me rage as you saw but I think that is what
    adds to funniness of this video. Do I actually mean the stuff I am saying?
    No, but if you are gunna troll me then Im going to do retaliate lol. And
    just bc that guy was a sub or fan of me doesnt give him the right to do
    anything he wants. I wanted to do a car show and he was, intentionally or
    not, ruining it. At the end of the day, as you saw by the end of the video,
    we were all laughing and having a good time. So for those who are so mad,
    why? Its only game haha. Anyways have a nice day everybody :)

  7. I got a cool outfit idea
    1 do the pilot helmet glitch so u can use the pilot helmet on any outfit
    2 put on the black or olive cargo pants whatever u prefer
    3 black or green shirt
    4 black scarf with black armor ( standard armor)
    5 black boots
    Ur done
    Note: make sure u watch dat saintfans video on how to do the pilot helmet

  8. Hey saint thanks btw for the invite to the lobby. I was recording and I
    can’t wait to put it in my channel. Thanks again