GTA 5 Funny Moments: PS4 Gameplay Edition! (Grand Theft Auto: V)

GTA 5 Funny Moments: PS4 Gameplay Edition! (Grand Theft Auto: V)

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  1. Been a sub for so long that I subbed when you speculated that the main
    characters name was Albert in early 2012 haha, anyways keep up the good
    work Olli!

  2. By the way I’m always watching all of your video’s but moslty I can’t
    comment 😉 You uploaded a lot of videos today! 😀 Love it and I’m loving
    the new Grand Theft Auto 5! I’m so exited for the giveaway day! :D

  3. Ooooh, aaaah… You know i’m having so much fun with this game. I
    pre-ordered if off PSN and downloaded it and instaled it so it was ready
    for when the clock turned 00:00. And i’m having a blast. 23 minutes it’s
    been since i booted up the game and… I’m ay 5%! WHOHO! No… Not 5% game
    completion. 5% instaled! The game FUCKING Instaled when i downloaded it…
    WHY THE FUCK DOES IT NEED TO INSTALL AGAIN!? And 5 fucking% takes 23
    minutes!? You know if i’m lucky i might get to play the game in about 440
    minutes! Yea… I was just going to try out the game for an hour before i
    go to bed. If i’m lucky i might actually get to try it for a couple min
    before i need to go out the door and leave for work. WHAT THA FUCK
    Rockstar!? How the hell did you manage to fuck it up this bad again!? First
    you fuck up with GTA Online.. Then you don’t give us half the content you
    promised us… And then you give us a Next gen version wich has to instal
    twice… The Second time taking several fucking hours! WHAT THA FUCK! FUCK
    YOU ROCKSTAR… Guess what game i’ll be playing when i get home from work!?
    Yea, FARCRY 4! A game i might actually be able to play because the
    developers aren’t complete fucking Fucktards that force you to install the
    fucking game FUCKING twice and actually manage to make the instal fast…
    I’m just gonna deleate this pice of shit…. I allready playd it on PS3. I
    suppose i’m not missing out even tough i was looking forward to play the
    game again on PS4. Well, suck my dick Rockstar… I’m not sitting here for
    several fucking hours waiting for your fucking game to install! Oh look….
    30 min now, 6%! AMAZING! FUCKING MIND BLOWN! Oh wait… That was Rockstar
    that blew it. Yes, they blew it. Instaing the game on PS3 took a couple
    min. I could have instaled it several times over on my PS3 in the time it
    takes to get it to 6% on PS4. Fuck you Rockstar! Thank you for making me
    waste my fucking hard earned money…

  4. Now you see that handling is complete garbage. It’s way too responsive. U
    can’t even drive in first person because tires seem to turn instantly. Ah
    fuck it mods will fix that.

  5. If anyone sees this today 11/18 Gta V for ps4/xbox one is only 49.99 on
    ebay only for today NEW COPIES! they are running fast you get to save 10 +
    tax 14-15 dollars

  6. 16,942 people watched it and only 765 people liked it that’s not a lot
    deserves more!! LETS LIKE THIS

  7. i’m loving this first person edition to the newer generation versions.
    defiantly an improvement from previous versions. 🙂 and as always great vid
    olli. always watch your vids. wouldn’t mind seeing more easter egg vids.
    like your mineshaft one recently. :)

  8. Videos like these disgust me. What has the world come to when people take
    pleasure in killing people and looking at pornographic images