GTA 5 Funny/Brutal Kill Compilation Vol.53 (FPS Mode/Tazer/Hammer/New Weapons)

GTA 5 Funny/Brutal Kill Compilation Vol.53 (FPS Mode/Tazer/Hammer/New Weapons)

25 Responses to GTA 5 Funny/Brutal Kill Compilation Vol.53 (FPS Mode/Tazer/Hammer/New Weapons)

  1. I hope you are enjoying the new damage effects, because I sure am

  2. I read a comment earlier saying how the blood was improved in this version
    and I think tha’s true. Looks a lot more brutal and better now.

  3. That was sticky bomb placement late in the video,wasn’t it? Not the
    explosive bullet cheat. Good job! Like more of that. I’d like to hear more
    of the insulting treatment the NPCs give you,right before they get what’s
    I used to be in the Army, and an EMT but I like your Vids. I try to think
    of it like I’m in WESTWORLD(old scifi movie;showing my age,i guess). FPS
    is OK ,but I like seeing the back ground when there are vehicles and
    Explosions. You’re right about sniping wounds; they should show you a
    least one entry wound to confirm the kill. Gods, listen to me…can I be
    vicious or what? Good luck and good hunting… ;-)

  4. When this series first started off, brutal kills were just shooting people
    a bunch of times…. Which I thought was lame….. No offense. But now,
    it’s got to many different levels of awesome! Blowing people up, hitting
    them with cars, melee, pushing them of ledges, and many more different
    things! I absolutely love this series. Everyday I come home from school and
    check your channel and see if there are any more videos for me to watch.
    Keep up the great work. P.S. Congrats on 20k! Here’s to 100k! :D

  5. I get the feeling you will have a ball once that Hatred game comes out. I
    know its just you playing the game for fun and all, but I’m gon pray for
    you just to be safe, man. Haha

  6. Damn dude, I need to get me a ps4 these graphics look nuts. I like how the
    depth of field changes when you aim the gun at someone. Congratulations on
    all of you followers dude, I remember before you had 1k, I knew it would
    become 1 million sooner or later :)

  7. Killing people in last gen is so boring, but with these new damage effects,
    new weapons, fps, and depth of field, damn it looks so fucking cool.
    unfortunately we are totally poor to buy a console just released a year

  8. Hey men ! Could you make a video how did you got all of that money please ?
    Or just explain it ? 🙂 :)

  9. this is so dumb when you are shooting to dead person in head or something
    like this, boring and dumb, do not shoot to dead people, in head, body,
    leave them plz.