GTA 5 Gameplay Online “NEXT GEN HYPE!” – (Grand Theft Auto V PS4 Xbox One)

GTA 5 Gameplay Online “NEXT GEN HYPE!” – (Grand Theft Auto V PS4 Xbox One)

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  2. You should play on xbox one, Ali. Look at the graphics comparison and all
    the GTA youtubers are on xbox one

  3. I was gonna watch it but I realized you completely suck at gta. You were
    gonna put full coverage on the Hummer, but you didnt because it needed to
    be unlocked. All you had to do was purchase a tracker and then it becomes
    unlocked. Worst fucking gta v video I have ever seen.

  4. GTA V needs

    Cats and Dogs, or just pets in general. Also sharks
    Better Car customization, spinners and hidrolics
    House or apartment customization
    The ability to order food, throw up, and buy food from stands
    Train driving jobs, bus driving jobs and police or military jobs
    More clothes, a lot more.
    Zombies, Aliens or some kind of monster or creature
    Bank robberies and heists
    The ability to get fat, and have a heart attack
    New phones to buy other than an ifruit
    Custom transfers for cars, different shapes etc
    Own a shop, or buissness and get a weekly income
    Work at shops, and cook food.
    Story mode online, three players as Franklin, Michael and Trevor
    The ability to see your character hold his phone in online.
    Better phone options.
    Talk to ifruit Shelly through the microphone
    Edit your crew on your console
    Audition for Vinewood movies or Fame or Shame
    Steal Cars from legendary motorsport.
    Phew, Im dine here.

  5. J’arriverai jamais à comprendre pourquoi Google rémunère toutes ces petites
    salopes cocaïnées qui en plus se prennent carrément pour des VIP au fond
    d’une poubelle
    Pendant ce temps,des millions de gens meurent de faim dans le monde!
    Et nous ont bouffe de la pub pour matter un pauvre connard d’adolescent se
    branler dans GTA V
    Tout est normal……..

  6. Does anyone know if playstation are going to release an update so u can
    change ur gamer tag because I made my gamer tag name and it is terrible and
    now I want to change it

  7. U suck at Gta 5 ur making urself sound like ur good at the game but ur only
    a noob u haven’t even played this game for 1year u are very bad at this
    game and u don’t even know why people leave they are not scared of u it’s
    because they got disconnected if u wanna go 1-1 with me I will RIP U APART
    126lvl vs Ali a dunno why
    U trying to sound like ur a pro

  8. 10:12 ” why do jet skies have a radio on it”

    Why does a bmx have a radio on it

    See for yourself

  9. It’s stupid how Alia thinks hes good he sucks if I was in his game I would
    if blown up his tank and kicked his add your bad Alia stop acting like your
    good you suck major dick

  10. ali a is speaking and his mouth move after he gets done talking wtf is he
    using someones voice please anwser me back someone

  11. Does anyone have GTA 5 on digital on the ps4 and would be willing to game
    share with me? I’ve got Far Cry 4, Battlefield 4 Premium, and Injustice on
    digital in return.

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