GTA 5 Gameplay Trailer “HEISTS!” – (Grand Theft Auto V PS4 Xbox One Online)

GTA 5 Gameplay Trailer “HEISTS!” – (Grand Theft Auto V PS4 Xbox One Online)

25 Responses to GTA 5 Gameplay Trailer “HEISTS!” – (Grand Theft Auto V PS4 Xbox One Online)

  1. Really Alia you lazy fuck you did not want to do a gameplay so you could do
    an easy ass video like this. You dont even play online bitch, I bet you
    know nothing about gta online.

  2. PC is for pathetic nerds that just play world of war craft. also most of
    them are just fact PC is for fake gamers that just play one
    variety of games. Consoles will always be superior!!! Come at me
    peasants!!! And that’s y gta 5 is not on pc lol!!!

  3. I absolutely love your videos Ali-A! I make Advanced Warfare/GTA 5 videos
    also! But more of the Funny Moments types. I hope my channel can be as big
    as yours one day!

  4. You’re lucky to live in the UK. The U.S. is just too violent and there is
    too much injustice and has corrupt/unstable justice system and government 

  5. Hey Ali-A I would enjoy playing heists with you. I am a YouTuber (even
    though I only have 16 subs) and I have all consoles excepts PS3 so if you
    would like to play when it comes out K.I.T.

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  7. but this is how i think about heists and always did, its almost the same
    like a ”mision” in online? Only you can choose ur own way on how to do
    it… few options….. oke but i think it will get bored soon…. people
    overrate it man :/

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  9. I only just got GTA very recently on PS4 and I’m really put off online as
    everybody’s got cars, guns, whatever they want and there’s me with… a
    middle finger and Im keep getting killed every minute for no reason just

  10. what are you doing jerkß stay with your cod videos. You are not
    ochaoticrevenger or something. piss off and dont talk abot gta

  11. I know there are different payouts for each heist, but at 4:20 if you look
    at the white board in the background it shows the reward is $670,000 and
    that it is split 4 ways. That WOULD be $167,000 per person, BUT it also
    shows that it is split up UNEVENLY between players. So 1 gets the majority,
    and 2,3, and 4 get what’s left over. So the leader gets more, and the
    workers get an amount based on their contribution. That is completely
    shitty, and totally unfair to the rest of the crew. I’m already
    disappointed in heists, and they’re not even out yet. Good job Rockstar,
    you’ve failed once again!

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