GTA 5 Get DLC Cars FREE Online Glitch! Give Cars To Friends Glitch (Xbox 360 & PS3) “Save MILLIONS”

GTA 5 Get DLC Cars FREE Online Glitch! Give Cars To Friends Glitch (Xbox 360 & PS3) “Save MILLIONS”

25 Responses to GTA 5 Get DLC Cars FREE Online Glitch! Give Cars To Friends Glitch (Xbox 360 & PS3) “Save MILLIONS”

  1. Help my gta5 ps3 wont download i can never play anymore i delted the
    install beucase i had the infite loading screen now it wont download please

  2. I’m looking for a roosavelt
    I have most of the super cars and also have some sport car I show you my
    garage comment below if you are interested 

  3. If anyone has a Roosevelt and would like to help me out with this glitch.
    Message me on xbox360. Gamertag:

    GTA 0NL1N3 FTW

  4. I have 15 modded cars including both roosevelts looking for anything i dont
    have but really want a hotknife ps3 QUAZZYTORRES

  5. I want a qoqute classic and I’ll give u a copy of my bugatty fully custom
    my ps3 gamer tag is:rojas12345678910 add me if interested

  6. Xbox 360 GT:RDD95

    I’ve got:
    Modded Coquette (mint green)
    Modded Roosevelt (joker colours)
    Modded Panto
    Modded Innovation (neon purple)
    Modded Adder (Modded crew purple)
    Modded BMX (fluorescent blue and a yellow)
    Modded Paradise (chrome and lime green)
    Modded Kalahari (Modded purple)
    Modded Deludamol (gold)
    Modded Pheonix (mint green)
    Modded Sovereign (green and blue which is really Nice)
    Modded Hearse (no flowers)
    Modded Sanchez
    Modded Rebel (mint green)
    Modded Racecar Jester
    Modded Racecar Massacro
    2 Modded lifeguard blazers
    Modded Beejay
    Modded weazel news van
    And many others

    Looking for any I haven’t got or if you can give me loads of money . Add
    me on Kik:RDD95 if you want to talk.

  7. Does anyone have some modded cars that u can have dont matter what they are
    xbox 360 Gt MasterGrodzi11a

  8. I’m on PS4 and looking for colored chrome jester racecar or red LG blaze or
    snow vehicles, if you don’t have these don’t continue reading and don’t
    leave a message

    -modded soverign (pink and purple)
    -modded coquette
    -modded Mesa
    -Japan monster truck in garage
    -modded chrome bmx
    -modded Sanchez
    -modded buffalo (extended tailpipes/no side skirts/ no bumper/modded purple
    -Modded deludamol van
    -modded entity xf
    -2 modded LG Blazers (one is green with custom tires, other is chrome with
    fluorescent blue money wheels)
    -modded BJ
    -modded chrome monster truck
    -dubsta 6×6 (not modded but for level 100s)
    -modded Roosevelt
    -colored chrome vacca
    -colored chrome Huntley sport
    -modded chrome and black monster truck with American flag
    -modded chrome jester racecar
    -modded chrome massacro racecar
    -modded gold massacro racecar
    -modded hardtop stallion
    -modded panto
    -modded manana
    -chrome BMX
    -modded coquette
    -modded sultan rs
    -collectors edition
    -returning players things such as hatchet
    If you’re interested, I will help get one of these cars, gamertag is
    DylanDeMarco1 but don’t message if you don’t have modded cars but please
    message me if you got any cars I didn’t say (MODDED NOT REGULAR OR RARE)

  9. This works with any garage just make sure the passanger door is blocked and
    make sure its in reach my gamer tag is MRBUBBLES310xD

  10. im looking for a roosvelt on xbox 360 if someone could help me all i have
    is supercars with cool crew colours :/ GT: zmercah