GTA 5 Glitches Give cars to friends money glitch.more in depth instuctions for Xbox 360 & PS3

GTA 5 Glitches Give cars to friends money glitch.more in depth instuctions for Xbox 360 & PS3

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  1. Hope you find a next gen give cars to freinds glitch soon cos i got a fudge
    load of modded cars to trade

  2. freighttrain freighttrain chooo chhoooo 🙂 sounds like that dude is high af
    in the intro lol

    thank you very much for the tip, I can now do it solo with street cars (
    doesnt bypass 35min) and one aparment only :)

  4. this works on sega dreamcast and nintendo game cube after patch 1.20

  5. Hey, I don’t normally comment that much, but great video. Quick question,
    which car is the best car to dupe? if it is the Panto, Could anyone do it
    with me? 


    I got:

    Modded panto
    Modded coquette with no back
    Modded Mesa no roil cage
    Modded bmx hot pink
    Modded bmx fluorescent blue with bullet proof tires
    Regular hearse with casket
    Regular Roosevelt
    Modded hearse with out casket
    Modded Roosevelt no wheels on side or trunk
    Modded Kalahari with out the roof
    Modded mariachi
    Modded ruffian with orb light
    Modded Sanchez with street bike wheels
    Modded phoenix without spoiler
    Modded chrome color on jester race car
    Beejay with Michael under blanket in back
    Modded weasel news van
    Modded deludamol rumpo van
    Modded paradise van
    Modded sovereign bike with chrome and window tint
    Modded Mesa hard top

    I want
    Modded life guard atv
    Modded coquette double back
    Modded bmx bikes
    Modded chrome Massacro race car
    Or any other modded car I don’t have

    My gt is : SlickestGamer : 1 car for 1 car don’t message me if u don’t have
    any cars

  7. Add me Santanaboyz am online right now will accept friend requests i got
    Sabre turo
    And way more

  8. When i try to sell the cars an error comes up and it says “you cant sell
    cars Worth over 50000$” what can i do?

  9. Hey Freighttrain I recorded this glitch on PS4, if you want to use it for a
    tutoiral for ps4 or anything I dont mind what so ever. Would you like to
    use it? If yes how shall I send it to you?

  10. Yo them biscuits and gravy was the shit lol don’t judge haha awesome job
    tho maybe it will help ppl out

  11. Hey, can you demonstrate how to do it if you only have one garage in that

  12. Xbox 360: MorbidCorpes
    I have:
    Modded Mariachi ( Mexico colors and North Yankton plates )
    Modded Speedo ( dimensional color and North Yankton plates )
    Modded Phoenix ( no spoiler and North Yankton plates and R , W , and blue
    tire smoke )
    Modded Mesa ( no roll cage )
    Modded Sovereign ( purple )
    Modded Panto ( missing parts )
    Modded Adder ( Chrome Colored green )
    Modded Zentorno ( really cool Nebula modded crew color )
    Modded Roosevelt ( missing tire and truck thing and modded crew color )
    Modded Nemesis ( Modded crew color )
    Modded Feltzer ( modded crew color )
    Modded Dinka Jester ( racecar ) ( chrome )
    Modded Entity XF ( Chrome green )
    Modded Buffalo S ( Chrome Blue color )
    Modded Coquette Classic ( missing Back )

    Cars I’m looking for:
    Collector’s Edition
    Modded Beejay ( Michael in the back )
    Modded BMX ( bulletproof tires and not gray or black.)
    Modded Massacro ( gold or chrome )
    Modded Lifeguard Blazer ( insured and modded and fully upgraded )
    Modded Kalahari ( roll cage )
    Modded Police Cars ( if, possible )
    Modded Clean Burrito Van ( insured and modded and fully upgraded )
    Modded Deludamol Van ( insured and modded and fully upgraded )
    Modded Sanchez 2 ( custom wheels )
    Modded Injection ( custom wheels )
    Modded Romero Hearse ( no coffin )
    Colored chromed Turismo R
    Colored chromed Coquette ( not classic )
    Colored chrome standard Jester
    If I get most of these cars, I’ll will giveaway these cars for free.
    If you don’t have any of the cars I listed, don’t ask. Thank you and have a
    great day . ☺

  13. Anybody, did the glitch with a liberator out of 100 (seems like) times got
    it to work with a street car, was destroyed in the process, unable to do it
    again, anyone know how to do an insurance glitch on a destroyed vehicle.

  14. Ps3:jmend12 (Lookin 4 Other modded/rare cars)
    modded roosevelt
    modded panto
    modded hearse
    modded coquette classic
    modded mesa (red chrome)
    modded massacro (racecar)
    modded jester (racecar)
    jester racecar (fully color chrome)
    massacro racecar (fully color chrome)
    paradise van(fully chrome)
    trevors truck (green & teddy bear)
    soverign(matt black)
    dubsta 6×6

    and a bunch of green chrome cars

  15. PS3 ONLY!
    help me get 22 races and i will let you dupe qny car from my list

    -Chrome dark green zentorno
    -Chrome dirty green adder
    -Chrome red adder
    -Chrome dark green roosevelt without trunk and tires
    -Chrome baby blue merryweather mesa
    -Chrome baby blue turismo
    -Chrome teal stinger
    -Chrome dirty green phoenix
    -Chrome pink entity
    -Chrome blue entity
    -Chrome purple infernus
    -Dubsta 6×6
    -Elegy fully modded
    -Exemplar (fastest 4 door car)
    -Mariachi car
    -Blade with modded color and north yankton license plate
    -Rat truck with north yankton license plate
    -Rat loader without a bed
    -Corquette with missing rear
    Etc. Thats all i could think of

    If you have colored chrome cars i would trade

    PSN: ms_roses_N_weed