GTA 5 Glitches give cars to friends on PS4 “Car duplication glitch” after patch 1.22 (PS4)

GTA 5 Glitches give cars to friends on PS4 “Car duplication glitch” after patch 1.22 (PS4)

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  1. I’m on PS4 and looking for colored chrome jester racecar (NOT REGULAR
    MODDED CHROME JESTER RACECAR) I want the one with chrome and pearlescent of
    any color under chrome or snow vehicles, if you don’t have these don’t
    continue reading and don’t leave a message

    -modded soverign (pink and purple)
    -modded coquette
    -modded soverign (all black with black window tint
    -modded Mesa
    -Japan monster truck in garage
    -modded chrome bmx
    -modded Sanchez
    -modded buffalo (extended tailpipes/no side skirts/ no bumper/modded purple
    -Modded deludamol van
    -modded entity xf
    -2 modded LG Blazers (one is green with custom tires, other is chrome with
    fluorescent blue money wheels)
    -modded BJ
    -modded chrome monster truck
    -dubsta 6×6 (not modded but for level 100s)
    -modded Roosevelt
    -colored chrome vacca
    -colored chrome Huntley sport
    -modded chrome and black monster truck with American flag
    -modded chrome jester racecar
    -modded chrome massacro racecar
    -modded gold massacro racecar
    -modded hardtop stallion
    -modded panto
    -modded manana
    -chrome BMX
    -modded coquette
    -modded sultan rs
    -collectors edition
    -returning players things such as hatchet
    If you’re interested, I will help get one of these cars, gamertag is
    DylanDeMarco1 but don’t message if you don’t have modded cars but please
    message me if you got any cars I didn’t say (MODDED NOT REGULAR OR RARE)

  2. If anyone on Xbox One has a MINT GREEN BMX they would be willing to trade
    me, I would give them any of my numerous modded cars or give them a couple
    maxed coquettes to sell

    Pls leave your gamertag if you have a mint green bmx on xb1

  3. Lets do some dupes…. I got most super cars, 6×6 dubster, monster truck,
    roosevelt. After any high mod cars 🙂

    PSN m3kal


  4. i have

    modded hot knife
    modded panto
    yankton plate adder
    dubsta 6+6
    all super cars maxef out
    z type
    bati 101
    zion cabrio
    both race cars
    bravardo buffalo s
    and much more

    i want backless corquette
    gold/chrome marshall
    or any modded cars IF U DO NOT HAVE ANY OF THESE DO NOT ADD ME psn

  5. I have:
    Modded Zentorno
    Modded Entity
    Modded Adder
    Modded Turrismo
    Modded Cheetah
    Modded Jester Racecar
    Modded Massacro Racecar
    Modded Coquette Topless
    Modded Elegy
    Modded Roosevelt
    Modded Examplar
    Modded Feltzer
    (All listed above are fully upgraded)

    I want:
    Modded Coquette Classic
    Modded Infernus
    Modded Buffalo (sport)
    Modded Huntley S

    I am also willing to trade back and forth to make money
    PS4 ONLY

  6. Is this glitch patched or something? The glitch dosent really seem to work
    anymore as ive tried multiple times with no success

  7. Does anybody have modded carbonizzare or futo i have over 30 modded cars
    and some are really raree… So if you have carbonizzare or futo (only
    modded) leave me your ps4 tag and ill add you

  8. PS4: oTranceify
    I have:
    Max adder (chrome)
    Max zenterno (chrome)
    Max turismo R (chrome w/ Yankton plates)
    Stinger GT
    Coquette classic modded back w/ Yankton plates
    Entity XF
    Marshall monster truck (chrome)
    Z type
    Max Infurnus (chrome)
    Max panto (that sells for 200k
    Rumpo van modded!
    Jester (racecar edition)
    Massacro (racecar edition)
    Hearse (chrome)
    Dubsta 6×6
    Hot Knife
    Lifeguard ATV chrome maxed

    Looking for any modded cars that I don’t have
    Space docker
    Unique cars or bikes
    Modded vans
    Cars with 2 turbo or 150% armor or nitrous 

  9. Psn: cnhoey00
    I have all modded
    Cannis Mesa
    Coquette classic roofless
    Turismo r
    Coquette topless
    Entity xf
    Stinger (any kind)
    Jester (race car)
    Dewbauchee (race car)

  10. Ps4 , comment your name me !
    Cars i got :
    Modded Chrome Red Zentorno
    Modded Chrome Purple Zentorno
    Modded Chrome Red Z type
    Modded Chrome Red Buffalo S
    Modded Chrome Gold Zentorno
    Modded Chrome Blue Trevor Truck
    Modded Chrome Blue Mariachi
    Modded Chrome Green RC Jester
    Modded Chrome Blue Hearse
    Modded Chrome Blue Stinger Gt
    Modded Chrome Blue Jester
    Modded Chrome Pink Weazel Van
    Modded Chome Pink Tailgaiter
    Modded Chrome Green Voltic
    Modded Chrome Red Cheetah
    Modded Chrome Purple Entity
    Modded Chrome Ted Vacca
    Modded Chrome Orange Furore Gt
    Modded Chrome Blue Hotknife
    Modded Chrome Blue coquette classic
    Modded Chrome Blue Turismo
    Modded Chrome Yellow Sandking
    Modded Chrome Sovereign
    Modded Blue Sovereign
    Modded Green sovereign
    Modded Lime Green sovereign
    Modded Purple Pink Sovereign
    Modded Black sovereign
    Modded Innovation
    Modded sanchez
    Modded injection
    Modded Panto
    Modded Chrome LG blazer
    Modded LG green blazer
    Modded Chrome Red RC Massacro
    Modded Chrome Marshall
    Modded Chrome Green Mesa
    Modded Vader ( Bike 4 exhausts )
    Modded Beejay
    Modded Sadler
    Modded Blue Deludamol
    Modded Blue Weazel Van
    Modded pink Deludamol
    Modded Paradise van ( Shark)
    Modded Paradise van ( sea)
    Modded Blue adder
    Modded Pink Chrome Voodoo
    Modded black LG blazer
    Modded Bobcat
    Modded Sadler 255

    Im searching for Huntley , and every other chrome colored car ! EVERY
    Chrome Coloured Car !
    Especially Futo & Vans :)

    Modded Dubsta 6×6
    Modded Sultan RS
    Modded Corquet with out top and back
    Modded Panto
    Modded Nemesis
    Modded Dermaoil Van
    Modded Kalahari

    XBOX ONE GT: Trap God Zayne

    Feel free to message me or add me


  12. does any one have Jb-700 color chrome? I’ll give u any chrome color car I
    have a lot, psn: hellboyDAGQ.

  13. Anyone wanna trade cars on ps4? My gamertag is Exist_Visionz
    I have:
    Blue and chrome Adder
    Dubsta 6×6
    Gold Dubsta off streets
    Trevors truck with teddy bear
    American Marshall
    Elegy sells for 188k
    Hot knife
    Stinger gt
    Sovereign bike with patriot smoke
    Chrome and blue Phoenix
    Burrito van w/ patriot smoke, yankton
    Modded BeeJay w/ Michael w/ yanton plate
    Modded Roosevelt w/ yankton plate
    Modded Chrome Marshall w/ yankton plate
    Modded chrome sanchez
    Modded Coquette Classic backless
    Modded panto
    Modded Hearse no coffin
    Modded Chrome Tornado
    Modded Chrome Lifeguard

    Looking for: Rare cars or a modded car I don’t have

  14. Who wants to do this ps4
    Modded coquette
    Modded burrito
    Modded speedo
    Modded miriachi
    Modded Adder
    Modded panto
    Modded Mesa
    Modded Santler
    Modded Roosevelt
    Dubsta 6×6
    Want any rare modded vehicle escpailly yankton vehicles monster trucks or
    any maxed vehicles