GTA 5 Glitches Give friends cars / The best Money glitch after patch 1.20/ 1.22 (All Systems)

GTA 5 Glitches Give friends cars / The best Money glitch after patch 1.20/ 1.22 (All Systems)

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  1. Anybody have an adder? I have:
    Fully modded
    Massacro racecar
    And more
    GT: xXTheForce96Xx

  2. I’m on XBOX ONE and have…
    Purple/pink sovereign
    Orange BMX
    Fluorescent blue BMX
    purple BMX
    Classic coquette (no back)
    Mesa (no roll cage)
    Roosevelt (stock)
    Roosevelt (no wheels or lugauge)
    Panto (more or less nothing)
    Mint green weasel news Van
    Trevor’s Truck (Teddy bear on front, matte red with pink pearlescent)
    Dubsta 6×6

    Leave a comment with ur ign

  3. Xbox one
    I have
    Modded coqutte
    Modded panto
    Modded florescent bmx w/ bulletproof tires
    Teddy bear truck
    Chrome sovergein
    I want
    modded cars I didn’t say

  4. Anyone on ps4? Looking for modded cars I don’t have, I got

    -modded soverign
    -modded coquette
    -modded Mesa
    -Japan monster truck in garage
    -modded chrome bmx
    -modded Sanchez
    -modded buffalo (extended tailpipes/no side skirts/ no bumper/modded purple
    -Dinka blista compact
    -modded phoenix (not modified in LS customs but has no wing)
    -dubsta 6×6
    -regular jester racecar
    -modded Roosevelt
    -modded chrome jester racecar
    -modded chrome masacro racecar
    -stinger gt
    -collectors edition
    -returning players things such as hatchet
    If you’re interested, I will help get one of these cars, gamertag is
    DylanDeMarco1 but don’t message if you don’t have modded cars that I don’t
    have but please don’t message me if you don’t have modded cars I didn’t say
    and in the friend request say that you have whatever car and I will message
    back probably thanks again

  5. I’m looking for the Modded Mesa, modded Lifeguard Blazer, Modded BMX,
    Modded Innovation, Modded Weasel News Van, Modded Pheonix and any other
    modded/rare car that I don’t already have! (PS4)

    This is a list of my cars!
    Sultan RS, Hardtop Stallion, Vinyl Top (Soft Top) Stallion, Mexican
    Mariachi Car (Chrome), Modded Beejay (With Michael in the back), Modded
    Hearse, Modded Dune Buggy, Modded Roosevelt, Modded Coquette, Modded
    Speedo, Modded Panto, Modded Hotknife, Marshall (With Insurance), Lifeguard
    Blazer (With Insurance), Pheonix, Voodoo, Albany Manana, Nemesis, BMX (In
    Car Slot) and all of the sports cars.
    Send me a message on PSN only if you have something that I’m looking for!

  6. I have
    Modded Roosevelt
    Maxed out: Adder, Zentorno, Turismo, entity
    Massacro race car

    Looking for:
    z type
    Stinger gt

    Im on XB1 drop your gamertag below if interested


  7. Ps4 want dubsta 6×6
    Will trade for zentorno,turismo, adder, entity, sultan rs for what ever car
    you like in my garage 

  8. Cars I’m willing to trade on ps4:
    Modded stallion with vinyl soft top
    Modded weazel van with slate blue color
    Modded deludamol van with modded color
    Modded burrito van
    Modded chrome paradise van
    Modded speedo van
    Modded soverign
    Modded innovation
    Modded mesa van
    Modded chrome lifeguard blazer
    All have yankton plates and bullet proof tires
    What I’m looking for:
    Any kind of van with a modded color on it such as mint green,slate blue etc.
    Chrome lifeguard blazer with money rim tires
    MESSAGE ME ON PS4 if you have anything I need
    Ps4 name:P1MPINSINCE1997

  9. Looking to trade Modded Cars (PS4)

    I Got

    – Gold Massarco
    – Modded conquette
    – Modded Hotknife
    – Chrome Jester
    – Modded Innovation
    – Modded Bmx’s
    – Modded Rooseveld
    – Modded Mesa ( Roof and no Roof)
    – Modded Phoenix
    – Modded Dune Buggy
    – Modded Hearse (without casked)
    – Modded Mexican car
    – Modded Panto
    – Modded Liveguard
    – Modded Burrito
    – Modded Stallion (Hardtop and vinil)
    – Modded Sadler
    – Modded Soverign
    – All My Supercars With Yankton’s

  10. I’m on Xbox 360
    I have:
    Modded coquette
    Modded hearse
    Modded roosevelt
    Modded chrome lifeguard blazer
    Modded red sovereign
    Chrome bmx
    Ultra blue bmx
    All of the good super and sports cars
    Every single car I have had green window tint and north yankton plates
    Looking for:
    Modded Sanchez
    Modded innovation
    Modded mesa
    Modded mint green/fluorescent blue bmx. Comment ur GT below
    And can anybody actually confirm this working on last gen??

  11. Xbox 360 I got zentoro looking for adders hmu if someone wants to do this
    right now im online..

  12. PS4 nikhilsigma_1
    adder zentorno entity and a lot more… I just wanna duplicate my pantos…

  13. I’m on PS3, add me so we can make the glitch right now. PSN: DanielFVS
    I have full modded:
    Massacro (Stock)
    Coquette Classic
    Meryweather Jeep

  14. Pls any1 can give me a roosevelt? Ps4: ShaDowX-CriMez ill give you one of
    my supercars or whatever you want

  15. Xbox 360 GT:RDD95

    I’ve got:
    Modded Coquette
    Modded Roosevelt
    Modded Panto
    Modded Innovation
    Modded Adder
    Modded BMX
    Modded Paradise
    Modded Kalahari
    Modded Deludamol
    Modded Pheonix
    And many others

    Looking for any I haven’t got or if you can give me loads of money 

  16. After glitch when you drive the car out it kicks you from the car and says
    you don’t have access to this vehicle. 

  17. ps3 looking for modded panto v2 or any modded rare car i have:
    modded roosevelt
    modded panto v1
    modded coquette classic
    dubsta 6×6

    and a bunch of green chrome cars