GTA 5 Glitches how to make cars worth 750k. Resale value glitch after patch 1.22 (Xbox One, PS4)

GTA 5 Glitches how to make cars worth 750k. Resale value glitch after patch 1.22 (Xbox One, PS4)

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  1. If people duplicate the 800k car will they get 800k because that could work
    very well on the dupe glitch?

  2. Any one have modded voltic with triangle or adder with no spoiler I have
    like all other modded cars even modded chrome marshal I’m on Xbox one if u
    have one of those pls comment ur gamertag

  3. Anyone want to trade on ps4?
    I have:
    Fully upgraded entity
    Fully upgraded adder
    Fully upgraded coquette classic
    Fully upgraded zentorno
    Fully upgraded turismo
    Fully upgraded Sanchez
    Fully upgraded hackachou
    Fully upgraded panto
    Fully upgraded elegy
    Normal infurnus
    Normal cheetah
    Rare merryweather jeep

    Im looking for an upgraded jester/mascaro,
    A Roosevelt or any modded vehicles.
    My PSN is chris-hunt2000

  4. I dont understand it.. do you need to buy the adder everytime for the
    glitch? If yes, where is the sense about it? You lose 250k.

  5. Gt on Xbox one FloppyWang11
    I want any modded cars I don’t have, this is a trade not give away
    I have:
    Modded conquette
    Modded Mesa hard and soft top
    Modded speedo van
    Modded Roosevelt
    Modded Karen rusty rebel
    Modded Sanchez
    Modded Trevor’s truck
    Modded ruffian
    Modded invation
    Modded paridise van
    Modded mariachi car
    Modded burrito van
    Modded bee jay
    Modded fib buffalo
    Modded chrome/gold jester
    Modded panto&rat loader
    (Parts taken off)
    Fully up zentrno, adder, turismo, elergy,entity,minivan,dominater,guantlet,
    dubsta 6×6 

  6. PS4 ONLY
    I have: mod adder,panto,green bmx,roovetie (regular,mod,exmod),hearse,hot
    knife,coquette(backless),drug van,dune buggy Marshall,BJ,all race car
    chrome,med van,If u have something different please message me on PSN first
    my psn:jayni0630 

  7. I have a fully upgraded Adder, Turismo R, Entity, and Zentorno.
    I’m looking for…

    Message me on Xbox One: OMGxNoScopexFTW

    If you don’t have those let me see your garage and I’ll pick.

    Modded means colors and other stuff.

    So hurry up.

  8. xbox one gt : zomb1e guy4
    i have modded panto
    marshall (monster truck)
    coquette classic
    modded adder
    mercenary truck
    and more
    im lookin for a coquette with no back
    message for trade

  9. how do we unlock the full value of the car without loosing the adder car
    from the bike rack so we can sell all the dupes for full price. we need a
    way to unlock the full value of all the dupes. So I can sell all 10 adder
    dupes for full 700k each time.

  10. This glitch is old I been Doing it I got More Then 1.5 billion spend Lol I
    was lvl 1.000 now I’m 500 I don’t do it they gone take ur lvl and put u on
    lvl 1 

  11. Wanna trade cars on ps4 my name is classified_NuKe_
    I have modded ratloader with no thing on back and I have trevors truck with
    bear and plate betty 32

    I’m looking for rosservelt 

  12. +FreightTrain What The Fudge! Its telling my friend and I that he needs an
    invite to the mission cause it is Private