GTA 5 Graphics Comparison – PS4 / Xbox One / PS3 / Xbox 360

GTA 5 Graphics Comparison – PS4 / Xbox One / PS3 / Xbox 360

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  1. Xbox One = More vivid and brighter than the PS4;
    PlayStation 4 = More vegetation, however, with color graphics lifeless than
    the One;
    Xbox 360 = Brighter colors and better textures than the PS3;
    PlayStation 3 = Effect “blurred” and lifeless colors compared to 360.

  2. I had the game on ps3 and I bought it on ps4 and it’s sad to say I feel
    like I wasted my money! You really couldn’t notice the graphical
    improvements it’s basically the same game! No new missions, online still
    takes fuckin 30 min to start a game and the connection still sucks. You may
    see good graphics from a far but once you get up close the grass it looks
    pixely and weird and the pop ins are terrible like seriously ! ugh so if I
    where y’all don’t buy it until they fix this or release a exclusive dlc
    that’s worth it 

  3. Why are they having a console war? When the PC releases it’s gonna kick
    both their asses. I’m not a PC fanboy either I play PC and Xbox cause of
    friends but it’s just fact PC gonna win the whole *war* lol 

  4. Lets be honest:
    360 has a huge framerate drop but not frequent (max 30 min 14) with decent
    graphics. 720p
    PS3 has frequent but not huge fps drop ( max 30 min about 20). Graphics are
    decent but blurry. 720p
    PS4 and XBO: Nice graphics, even less frame rate drop (Av 28) but ps4
    version has more physical properties (LED and controller speaker) while
    unfortunately xbo does not have any physical probably as far as I know.
    Both run at 1080p
    PC: (as far as everyone knows) 60+ fps and 4K support and video editor. 

  5. To be honest, I am a Play Station fan, but I like more how Xbox One’s
    graphics look like in this game.
    More than graphics, I mean colours.

  6. Micro$hit fans think that better contrast = better graphics.You know you
    can just change the contrast on your tv right? Also, it’s funny that they
    had to tone down the foliage on Xbone just so that it can reach 1080p with

  7. Ha dumb Xbox fanboys if you didn’t see it every thing is toned down in the
    xbone version and your excuse is the Xbox one has better colors gtfo you
    can change the TV colors, Xbox ones version is a little better than ps3
    there’s no reason for me to get a xbox one anymore now that I know its a
    waste of money I’ll just use it to get upgrade on my PC

  8. Just to make it clear: All in-game footage from PS4, Xbox One and Xbox 360
    has been captured with the same device (Elgato Game Capture HD60) with
    default settings, while for PS3 version we used Blackmagic Intensity Pro
    due to HDCP encryption. The resolution of Xbox 360 and PS3 versions has
    been upscaled to 1080p to match the PS4 and Xbox One versions. We also used
    default game settings and console settings on all platforms.

    In our opinion, the graphics are practically the same for both the Xbox One
    and the PS4. The only difference is that Xbox One has a darker contrast –
    which is something you can also set on PS4 by enabling the full RBG range
    in the Video Output settings. We tried to do that and we can assure you
    that the game looks identical on both versions.

    We have only noticed that on PS4 there’s more foliage and plants in the sea
    and on land compared to the Xbox One version, while Xbox One has slightly
    shorter loading times.

  9. I will be completely honest. Coming from a Playstation fan. We can all
    agree that both next gen console version looks waay better than the last
    gen. To be honest I like the colors on the Xbox one more than the PS4. But
    that’s not a problem a little contrast setting can fix that. I don’t want
    to start a war in giving my opinion on what looks good to me. Now. What
    console do you choose? It doesn’t matter. Friends with xbone? Get an Xbox.
    Friends with ps4? Get a ps4. Of course friends aren’t the only reasons
    you’re buying the console for. GAMES! Now stop the war below please and
    have fun playing the game. And PC? This is a console video what are you
    doing here? Smart PC gamers don’t make fun of the other platforms. Besides
    most PC gamers have a console too. And they don’t hate them. Have fun
    Haters and Lovers 😀 Don’t start a war please. 

  10. xone = more constrast, less grass

    ps4 = less contrast, more grass

    it’s all i could see, i’d rather go with the xone 

  11. The Xbox consoles have the better graphics to me.

    1. Xbox One
    2. Xbox 360
    3. PS4
    4. PS3

    You might not agree, but this is what I feel is the list of graphics is
    like on a winning-to-losing scale.

  12. 1. Ps4 has sold more consoles than xbox one cuz people know it has the
    better graphics
    2. PC will have beast graphics but I’m a ps4 guy
    3. Xbox one quality is very low while PS4 has very bright and high quality
    4. Xbox, suck my dick

  13. Play Station has always fucked up on thing on their graphics, they brightin
    the fuck out of everything and I don’t know why the fuck they do that.
    Seriously its so obvious to see that Ps3 and ps4 was always BRIGHTER and
    its not debatable. That’s reason why I say Xbox still looks better and
    always has, where ps4 MIGHT have a amazing looking game like fucking final
    fantasy, comparing any normal game Play Station has always looked brightend
    and duller because they brighten it way to fucking much. Maybe if the
    brightness didn’t dull the fuck out of the colors it would be better but
    that’s not the case.

  14. i really don’t understand why people still buy the Xbox -its less powerful
    not lying look it up ,its larger i understand its to keep it cooler but
    there’s really no need ,controller still needs battery’s costing you extra
    for them and then if you want to buy the rechargeable battery’s it cost you
    even more ,controllers are comfy but light and feel cheapish ,

    ps4 sleek and small more appealing to the eye controller is rechargeable
    out of the box Sony could of gone the same route as Xbox but there not as
    money hungry ,also comes with controller ,only thing i like bout the xbox
    is it comes with better headphones but not that much better ,also ps4 gta
    is better not just saying it xbox colours are darker meaning it looks more
    deatiled but its only because there’s more black pixels meaning less to
    render in a quick amount of time as black is an easier color to handle same
    with white …

    XBOX ONE: pffttt, nah you just mad cause our shadow texture and colours
    are better, oh and, i dont think you can change the detail of shadow
    textures on your tv? :P