GTA 5 Heist – Aircraft Carrier Heist & Freeroam | Hydra Heist Finale & Gameplay Screenshots!

GTA 5 Heist – Aircraft Carrier Heist & Freeroam | Hydra Heist Finale & Gameplay Screenshots!

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  1. Noah will your release of the dlc be uploaded as soon as possible ? If you
    have the time reply many thanks sir

  2. Confirmed info says the air craft Carrier will only be in next gen as the
    old green Hurst simply can’t Handel it

  3. Isn’t that specific heist mission the same one in San Andreas? Where Toreno
    gives you a boat and weapons, and you sneak in from the bottom and work
    your way to the top? And grabbing the Hydra? Anyone recall that?

  4. Is 96 a specific number? because think about it, they call the original jet
    the ‘P996’ and it’s written on the runway

  5. Stop ASSUMING everything noah! In noah terms: a military guy! This means
    the aircraft carrier heist!” Uh not really,that was a BLACK OP, not a
    “military guy” as you call it. I am 99% sure its the humane labs heist, not
    the hydra heist. THEN you assume you get a 4 star wanted level going in,
    yeah you know that for sure right? It could just as easily be a 3 or a 5 so
    STOP assuming. Take info for what it is, not what you want or think it to

  6. The picture obviously shows it’s not raiding the carrier, it’s the hamane
    labs because the guy is a merryweather personnel not a army personnel.
    Remember on story mode that the labs have been guarded merryweather
    security guards, so the guy in the scope is considered black ops2 seen
    often in story mode ,rarely online, it also related in the category of
    black ops 1 (common merryweather mercenaries)and black ops 3 (humane labs
    security) hardly seen in online. This is all I see inside the game

  7. Or you can sell it to the Chinese like in the story mode but that would
    suck and I’m 99% sure that the leader will be the one to use the hydra for
    that mission.

  8. Well here is my opinion and i think it makes PERFECT sense:

    The photo of the dingy driving toward the carrier (at night) is no doubt a
    heist, but the other photo of the carrier (with the jets taking off) is
    during the day. Also, the character in the hydra is wearing an MC kutte,
    which nobody was wearing on the dingy. Therefore i think the carrier is for
    free roam. 

  9. Yall still making vids bout heists, lol. Who would keep GTA vids if you
    didnt get money for it…

  10. If anyone wants to do the car duplication glitch add me Olympus2482 on ps4.
    I have a modded Adder, Entity and Zentorno. All fully upgraded. I am
    looking for a Dubsta 6×6, Cheetah, Infernus or Carbonnizare. This is a
    trade not a giveaway.

  11. Even IF heist is coming out (this month or within this year… delaaaayyy),
    are ‘we’ still excited to see it happening?! (I don’t, just sold my XB.)

  12. WAIT!!!! so there is a heist on this aircraft carier and a heist on the
    yacht? Isn’t it going to be 2 times the same heist but on a diffrent type
    of boat? Cuz it is both on the water… (sorry for bad English)

  13. I’m seeing a lot of comments saying AR= assault rifle, wrong, AR as in
    AR-15 means Armalite Rifle.