GTA 5 Heist Details & Batman Gets Mature – IGN Daily Fix

GTA 5 Heist Details & Batman Gets Mature – IGN Daily Fix

25 Responses to GTA 5 Heist Details & Batman Gets Mature – IGN Daily Fix

  1. Haha pathetic PC nerds still don’t get to play GTA 5 yet, How does it feel
    having to wait to play a game us console owners have already enjoyed PC
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    nerds. All you beggars do is beg and wait for shit optimized ports.
    Meanwhile console gamers played GTA 5 almost 3 years ago. Haha how sad..
    Consoles > PC gaming 

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  7. Let’s be honest. PC gamers only have PC because they couldn’t buy a console
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  8. You fucking dumb ass Sony fanboy cunts. It had already been confirmed rise
    of the tomb raider is an Xbox exclusive. Get real losers 

  9. IGN Comment Section = The shithole of the gaming community, where trolls
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    You’d be considered lucky too see a comment from a normal sane gamer who
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  10. wow Batman Arkham Knight is rated M for the first time in the series wow
    just wow well thats a load of crap i don’t know why they make that batman
    game for rated M for the first time in that game i mean really i bet
    fanboys like mature games alot but still i mean why would they do that on
    that game its not like the series is gonna be rated M for mature forever
    you know why would they do that, the game has been develop for 2 years now
    and they started the release date of that game mmmm whats next sonic rated
    M in the future yet i think not.

  11. I’m actually glad Arkham Knight is M. It means the story will be grittier
    so that’ll be fun! 

  12. These console/pc wars are ridiculous. Like wat r u tryin to prove? Nobody
    freakin cares about which systems u have. 

  13. the ign comments section is 90% troll comments and each and every one of
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  14. No one is going to miss out on Arkham knight!!. That’s what kiddies mummy
    and daddy are for. Parents are oblivious to what game there kid wants and
    gets. Shit I was getting sworn at by a 12 year old on gta online the other

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  17. Can’t wait to play the new Batman and Tomb Raider. Just sad it won’t be on
    PS4…hopefully PC. 

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  19. It’s very annoying that parents keep buying M rated games for their kids.
    Yesterday when I played GTA V.
    I could only hear children scream like idiots.
    What the hell are their parents doing?
    Here play a M rated game so I can get my peace