GTA 5 Heist Online – Confusing Heist Release Date Window & Possibilities (GTA 5 Gameplay)

GTA 5 Heist Online – Confusing Heist Release Date Window & Possibilities (GTA 5 Gameplay)

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  1. Whenever Dom says “First things first” I always reply right after “I’m the
    realest”. I think I got issues.

  2. I think Heists will come out in January because in February there would
    probably be a Valentine’s Day DLC and then in March there would probably be
    St. Patrick’s Day DLC so I think Heists would most likely come out in

  3. So what your saying is that were gonna have to wait till all the fat fucks
    on p.c get there game and quit bitchin about how PC is better (which it is)
    just so us console players have to wait for there fatass its like running
    around the track, we get to the finish line wile the fat kids are breathing
    hard and have 1 lap to go.

  4. If on February they could re-launch the Valentines Day Update only to buy
    the Albany Roosevelt again… I got all the Albanies except that one…

  5. ░░░░░░░░░░░░░▄▄▄▄▄▄▄░░░░░░░░░

  6. Hey Dom,I think Heist will be released maybe March 3rd or March 10th just
    because they’re both on Tuesdays. Also because they would have to push it
    because of the release date of PC to try to get the PC gamers to enjoy GTA
    5 for PC. I also think Rockstar will release a second Valentines DLC (just
    like they released a second Christmas DLC). So when do you guys Heist will
    be released?

  7. heists are coming out in the year 6666 because rockstar lied to us that is
    was coming out in spring and it is bad to lie.

  8. We may not see any DLC in January, after all we didn’t get DLC in the month
    GTA was put out on next gen, and I doubt well get it in February because of
    valentines DLC so I believe it will come out in March. Also did you notice
    how first person was such a big deal, but barely anyone uses it

  9. What would be a good starter gaming PC. I need one that is strong and
    quick, but is not retardedly expensive. Thx in a advanced. And I a noob a
    PC gaming so pls don’t confuse me with numbers and shit because they will
    have not value to me unless it is the price tag .

  10. Rockstar is juat bullshitting us now. They said it was going to be 1.17,
    but “it isnt ready”. Stop working on (some) shitty dlc and work on heists!
    We can go 2 months without dlc if it means heists is 100% on the other
    end… Whadya think?

  11. I remember in 2013 saying as a joke that “heist”will never come it will
    probably come out 2015 that shit was actually true I used to like rockstar
    I can’t mess with any company who doesn’t keep their word I’m surprised no
    body has sued them for false advertisement