GTA 5 Heist Online DLC Release Date (My thoughts) & Valentines Day Update! (GTA 5 Heists)

GTA 5 Heist Online DLC Release Date (My thoughts) & Valentines Day Update! (GTA 5 Heists)

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  1. Rock star has told GTA online players GTA 5 hesist is coming out but never
    did releasee and my friends stopped playing GTA 5 because they always lie I
    was mad when they did not give us the hydra

  2. I know you will all think I’m a retard but I sold my ps4 to buy a ring to
    propose but it’s what I want to do :/

  3. @iCrazyteddy Rockstar did say that the Valentines Day DLC would be coming
    back.There was a video that you made(I think) and there was someone that
    asked Rockstar on the support forums why the masks from the Valentines Day
    Massacure DLC were removed and a Rockstar employee replyed and said that he
    would get the masks back for free when the Valentines Day DLC returns.

  4. Guys Listen up its been 2 years 2 FREAKING YEARS since rockstar has
    released GTA 5 I’m giving up on rockstar my crew has literally fallen apart
    because of no heists i think the word “Delay” to rockstar means “Troll” so
    this is why i quit GTA 5 but hey this is a story A GAME STORY join me next
    time to see why my crew leader is a 10-12 year old boy! No serious he is
    though XD

  5. I don’t think it will dramatically change the economy in the trailer we see
    each player (excluding the host) was only getting $100,000 for a total of
    600,000 from the heist so that would imply the heist won’t be anywhere
    close to what we get from the union depository in story mode. The highest
    payout I think we’ll get is about 500k or maybe a total amount to split of
    5-8 mil and that’s a generous estimate in my opinion. Frankly I won’t play
    too many heist if the payout isn’t major and I don’t have any friends

  6. How is February 9th “half way though February?” Hasn’t even been 2 weeks
    into this month yet. also they will never announce a date for Heists, they
    will likely announce it the day they release it, or a day ahead. also they
    don’t always do updates or releases on Tuesday, that assumption needs to

  7. Idk why heists are so hyped, after playing them a few times they become
    just as “boring” as normal missions. Id rather see the casino open up tbh

  8. This is confirmed:

    GTA Online Heists will be coming out for Grand Theft Auto 6.

    This is actual real news confirmed by Rockstar Games.

  9. I think heist will come on February 26th, 2015 because if the valentines
    update comes out on the 24th it would be two days after

    Or maybe they come out on the same time 

  10. Whatever R*
    Give us the stuff you sold us!

    Thanks for all the vids iCrazyTeddy, I watch but have never commented
    before. Yes you get a thumb every time.