GTA 5 Heist Online Gameplay (GTA V Online Heists Update DLC)

GTA 5 Heist Online Gameplay (GTA V Online Heists Update DLC)

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  1. I’m a level 83 player with a 1.38 KD, and I own several super cars and
    equipment such as a tank, a plane, and a variety of oceanic-based vehicles.
    I am extremely well at piloting a helicopter, and I am capable of flying at
    dangerously low altitudes while maintaining a fast speed. I can take out
    targets easily in a Buzzard; however, jets are not my forte. Also, I am
    equipped with all firearms, explosives devices, and a mic. I am
    Executioner225, PS3. I have school and I don’t finish till 2:00pm central
    time. I can play when school is done.

  2. Overhyped. So what happens when you complete all 4 heists. We already
    played this game 2 years ago. They should’ve added casinos and gambling
    online poker.

  3. The day heists come out, I can’t play online due to Rockstars servers on
    PS4. Anyone else having this problem?

  4. It hasn’t been working all day for me. I am trying to play on the Xbox 360,
    I downloaded the update but i can’t download the actual DLC and i can’t
    play online. I have tried many different things but i can’t get it to work.
    Anyone else having this problem and is anyone have a fix for this problem?

  5. Dom, I love you…But when you call people blind it pisses me off! You
    missed so much shit in this stream, like the “Continue” sign and you forgot
    to upgrade the breaks on your Karuma…Just had to put that put there.

  6. can anyone tell me if their xbox 360 network is down!? I NEED HEISTS AND I

  7. Ah, i can’t wait until april 14.
    I think i speak for all pc gamers when i say, fuck you rockstar.

  8. I didn’t skip because I actually have a life that doesn’t evolve around
    video games…but it didn’t work when I tried to download it. 

  9. Any solo heisters on ps4 want to join my heist crew? We are 3 friends that
    work together flawlessly and have known each other for along time. Looking
    for a fourth tag along ot great member doesn’t matter ! Psn: derpboy29 

  10. Im looking for people to join my heist team must have a mic be rank 50+ and
    at least 15 im on 360 and my gt is KLNG HLPPO i would like to go all the
    way with one team and get the 2 one milion bonuses there is a ten mil bonus
    if you can do them all without dying please msg me or leave a reply here
    for any questions.

  11. Need to people on ps4 to do heist must have mic first two people to add
    tech_fan_4_life on ps4 get to play