GTA 5 Heist – Online Heist Leaders & Leaked Prison DLC Mission Setup (GTA 5 Gameplay)

GTA 5 Heist – Online Heist Leaders & Leaked Prison DLC Mission Setup (GTA 5 Gameplay)

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  1. I think there should be a amount of heist that you do and when that happens
    you get a special armour set and an achievement called is this the last one
    than you get a call from lester and he says you have one final heist and
    its in new York he says get you crew ready and meet me at the airport. When
    you get there you get a cut scence of you Jeff and a friend of choice and
    lester and then your pay out should be 2million 

  2. Calm down on the heist talk, stop spamming us with these videos. Like 9 out
    of 13 previous vids have been about heists. No one is that excited for them

  3. rockstar has to update their firewall because i doubt things get LEAKED so
    easily every day

  4. When is heist going to come out i am so fucking tired of leaks for heists
    we all have been waiting at least 2 years for this to come out and it’s
    still not out and it’s all ready 2015

  5. Dom, could you stop posting these repetitive unconfirmed heist videos and
    actually post something entertaining? Not trying to hate, I enjoy your
    channel, it just gets kind of annoying. 

  6. LMFAO Dom makes up bullshit videos “DLC” everyday. I hope you die in a car
    wreck fagget 

  7. We should be able to hire Mercenaries to fight along side you in free roam
    or something and like a team of 3-5 or something. That’d be cool 

  8. Great idea Dom

    Lamar – Low Heists ( Robe some Houses )
    Jeff – Medium Heists ( Rescue some VIPS)
    Lester- High Heists (Robe Casino)


  9. Hi Dom, I was wondering if I could use use the same information you’re
    using. For example, could I maybe post some videos about the same thing
    you’re doing. I thought it would be interesting and I would of course
    definitely put your name and link in the description and end and beginning
    of the video. All I would need is your permission. 

  10. There is nothing “leaked” here, dipshit. The guy on Twitter stated the
    obvious. How it’s obvious? Well, Jeff is a new contact, and on the trailer
    he appears while explaining the heist setup to players, so it’s obvious
    that he would have his own missions since he’s a new contact.
    And about the prison “leaked” setup….he only told us what the trailer
    shows, a prison transport bus being hijacked.
    But well, I guess that’s the only way you found to give us “new videos 2
    times a day”. Huh? 

  11. Hey Dom ya know u can get rid of that little phone thing in the bottom left
    corner but bringing up the phone and clicking the jobs thingo that has
    unread job requests. Looks much better to those with ocd like myself ;)