GTA 5 Heist Online – Top 5 Guns For Heists DLC Update (GTA Online PS4 Gameplay)

GTA 5 Heist Online – Top 5 Guns For Heists DLC Update (GTA Online PS4 Gameplay)

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  2. Lee enfield
    Raging bull
    SVD Dragunov
    M1 garand
    Canadian ros rifle (for the lols)

  3. There are 3 submachine guns I’d love to see in the Heist update, I’d love
    to see the MPX, P90, and FMG9 in the game, these are all great and fast
    firing guns, these would be absolute beasts in the new update!

  4. Ok first I am not hating it is a great idea, but I am going to tell you why
    most of these weapons will not come in use for the online community
    (outside of heist at least)

    1. Taser baton: it is highly unlikely for us to see this weapon because of
    one thing that strikes me the most, it would be a very annoying thing to
    deal with; like really it would be funny as hell to watch a friend get hit
    and not be able to move. But, would you want to be stuck there for five
    minutes while an asshole sits there and waits for you to just about get
    back up the you get hit again very difficult to bare even for a short
    amount of time, that is why there is no taser online.

    2. Vector: I did my research on this gun and I swear this gun would be the
    worse to program, think about you have to make a copy of it but not make it
    look the same and have the same kind of holding animation, that would take
    awhile plus these are difficult guns to find in gun stores, and police are
    not issued with them, but i believe if rockstar really does care and wants
    to make its fans happy this may come as an smg.

    3. Barrett 50: I do not want to go over what has already been said, but its
    already in game.

    4. Magnum: this one there is no doubt that it can be added easy it has been
    used in other GTA’s and the recoil animation from the 50 cal pistol would
    be the same. If they don’t add that then Rockstar has failed at being an
    American company.

    5. Thermite bomb: this will be add into the game but not as an online one,
    it will most likely only be used to open locked gates and vaults.

    Some of my choses:

    AK74u: SMG, comes with suppresser, red dot, flashlight, and extended mag.

    Hunting sniper: sniper rifle, can come with no scope, 8x, or 10x with zoom.

    Glock 18: pistol, can come with suppresser, flashlight, and already on it
    extended mag.

    Brass knuckles: enough said.

    Flame thrower: special, has an extended mag for purchase.