GTA 5 Heist Update Mission Rundown & New Secret Unlocks! (GTA 5 Gameplay)

GTA 5 Heist Update Mission Rundown & New Secret Unlocks! (GTA 5 Gameplay)

25 Responses to GTA 5 Heist Update Mission Rundown & New Secret Unlocks! (GTA 5 Gameplay)

  1. I’m hype to spend 8 mil on new vehicles!!!!!!!! Especially the hydra and
    armored vehicles

  2. Anybody wants to do the challenges ? I am on PS4 , I am British and my KD
    is 1.88 so you can expect me to do stuff. My PSN is Drakolla210

  3. can anyone answer my question
    what time will it be released on Tuesday
    is there any specific time . or they can release it anytime on tuesday 

  4. Hey me and my friends wanna play Heists on GTA V next week, but it just the
    3 of us and we need on more person to join us so we’d be 4 people. If
    you’re interested reply on this comment and put your GT (*Xbox One*) and/or
    your age if you want to. If I don’t reply to you on this comment, send me a
    message on Xbox. My GT is TGC Brun0

  5. Finely 2 years waiting and there defo gonna be released to be honest I’m
    not really excited

  6. I need 3 people on ps3 that want tobdo heists with me! If you want to do
    challenges, im fine with that. (Add me on ps3: thidunjer)

  7. I need to get a crew together PS4 Good expierenced players level 100+ wanna
    gets really good crew don’t want anybody below 100 im level 150 and if you
    wanna join and play with me you must have a mic please if your in for it
    add me fifa_beast_7

  8. teddy yesterday ii was watching a youtube video and a rockstar video ad
    poped up and the FIB agent said “team 2 needs to borrow a jet from the
    navy. im sure they wont mind” then it showed team 2 stealing a jet not
    borowing. ;)

  9. The “Spend $8.000.000 on heists vehicles” award got me thinking. Even if
    the Hydra and Valkyrie are like 2mil each and you buy all cars and bikes
    which is 2mil also I think, then I still don’t get to 8mil. So im thinking
    of a third plane/heli or expensive Rebel with gun or that armored car with
    gun on top. Atleast I know I need 8mil minimum now xD

  10. I need a crew for heists on Xbox one I need at least 3 more peeps for a
    heist my gamertag is KaosCrusher2004

  11. I’ve set up a crew with my friends so we can all do heists. Anyone can join
    since you’ll be matched up. My PSN is pikacool8
    Add me as a friend if you would like to join so then I can send crew
    invite. I’m rank 131, not too high although I’d like to say I’m quite good
    at the game.

  12. Eight million how the fuck are you going to do that ??if you garage is full
    as fuck ………….damn it and that first achievement wrtF does that mean
    double up your money investment or what ?? 

  13. ADD xfatty-_-boyx ON PS3! Level 118! Have five supercars fully upgraded!
    Kill death ratio 90. Need two more people! I’m going to do the mastermind
    challenge worth ten million!

  14. Any1 intrested in joining us @ this epic journey!
    Rank doesn’t really matter… but I prefer 100+ Good Teamplayer ofcourse.

    PSN: TaranRik


  15. I’m gonna be doing the 10m challenge with my two friends, we need 1 more
    person on PS4. Must have a mic and over level 60.

    Send me a message on PSN!

    PSN: NickDougBKK