GTA 5 Heist Update Online Gameplay! Hydra Heist Gameplay & Walkthrough! (GTA 5 Heists DLC)

GTA 5 Heist Update Online Gameplay! Hydra Heist Gameplay & Walkthrough! (GTA 5 Heists DLC)

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  1. Dear Noah
    I know you cant do anything but here is a question.
    So the past few hours US time from around 1pm my heist would not load. Like
    I tried to do one that I was the leader did not work. So I tried to do some
    with a friend did not work. So 2pm to 5pm. It would not work couldn’t even
    go to online. Then around 6pm 30 min ago I got it working 🙂 So then I
    blink… Alert then all that stuff. FUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUU!!!! Then its
    still not working. If someone knows how to fix this pls let me know.
    Then again it will probably fix it self out.

    Help I need HEIST members ( Once I get the Game working) Xbox one

  2. Does anyone know how to get the New vehicles in single player? Because the
    only one i can get from the garage is the casco.

  3. GUYS PLZ HELP. I’ve been downloading the update for about an hour and it’s
    only at 50%. If I reset, will it be faster? Is it normally this slow for
    the heist update or is something wrong? Thanks!

  4. We need one person for our crew. We’re going to be playing the prison brake
    heist at 4 in the morning when the servers are working. You need a
    Working Headset
    12 or older
    Atleast level 20
    My gamertag is xMrBeast365x (Xbox One)
    We will probably play from 4 am Est to 6:30 am. We will play this early so
    that the servers are up.

  5. Anyone wanna be in a heist crew with me im level 65 I need 2 people any
    level but must have mic thank you comment your names and I will add you on
    ps4 mine is-sharkboy12304

  6. For all you people who are saying Xbox One is better or Ps4 is better. For
    you I say XB1: Better vegatation, Contrast etc.. Ps4: Better graphics
    (1080i) which is 720p upscaled, Better brightness you know what I mean.
    Pretty much not really different

  7. I’m looking for players to do the Prison Break heist with. My friend and I
    are level 162 and 111. I am on Xbox One, and my GT is Daddy Flamingo. Msg
    me or MigratingBird3 for an invite

  8. Wait, so did he even finish the heist in this video? I didn’t watch after
    I looked and saw he was on Twitter the whole time.

  9. XBOX ONE: Hey friends! I need 2 People to do the prison break heist with me
    and a friend. I can promise i will not jack you on payouts:)
    any help wanted! If you would like to play message me on Xbox one at
    abagantemos eon (include the space) 

  10. this really wasn’t a gameplay walkthrough just a rockstar troll vid where
    rockstar shuts its servers down so no one can play

  11. For humain labs raid finale does everyone get the night vision googles or
    is it just the ground team