GTA 5 Heist Weapons Leaked? New Leaked Weapons – Flare Gun & Thermite Bomb (GTA V)

GTA 5 Heist Weapons Leaked? New Leaked Weapons – Flare Gun & Thermite Bomb (GTA V)

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  1. *GTA 5 Leaked Weapons! These weapons could possibly be in the upcoming
    Heist DLC? What are your thoughts on a Flare gun and a New bomb being added
    to GTA Online?*

  2. I’m about to unsubscribe. I used to like your channel, but now it’s just
    useless and annoying. I swear, around 1/3 of your videos are speculation on
    heists, and “heists coming soon”. Please deliver better, different content
    before you have a lot of people unsubscribe.

  3. Rockstars dlc`s are getting worse and worse a flair gun really? I’m
    disappointed. Also the flight school dlc was just boring nothing exciting

  4. someone said that heist would be released on november 16 but i dont believe
    that cuz why are we seeing the thermite bomb and the flare gun now instead
    of october the month before november now i really dont believe it but to be
    honest i think rockstar should be done or was done with heists along time
    ago so maybe thats why were seeing this but this is not confirmed just yet
    so you never know if this can be true or not anyway as always great video
    garett :)

  5. We need more and better tattoos. too many $$$ signs and sharks. Also be
    able to have more tattoos on the characters at once.

  6. Flight school dlc was way to boring not enough clothes not enough cars or
    guns etc AND TO TOP IT OFF rockstar makes all the popular missions shit for
    nothing pay outs and all the hard time consuming missions a little more
    money like 3k. Rockstar is really making me want to glitch hack cheat my
    way to earn money.

  7. I’m excited for whatever Patch 1.17 will be if it will be anything worth
    it. This Flight School DLC is weak as fuck

  8. dude your titles are so fucking repetitive. Why put gta 5 twice? and
    weapons leaked too

  9. I know one thing for sure. The “Flight School DLC” has to be the WORST DLC
    of all time for GTA 5 Online… 3 worthless planes, don’t care for the
    parachute designs, $50,000 for a Flight Suit, and the mission payouts are
    weird. The Flight School DLC is just boring and nothing really to do at
    all. The DLC’s are getting worst and worst in my opinion. 


  11. you jackasses realize that the more you guys leak the more rockstar will
    delay the DLC for example:it would’ve been out but some dumbass put out
    that UFO shit and messed with the servers so they delayed it.i do support
    modders and people who leak game info to an extant but whats happening with
    GTA V is just disappointing to say the least, its just leaks left and right
    a week after another first it was the hydra and now new heist weapons you
    guys serious? i don’t mean to rain on your guises little parade but i mean
    c’mon have some decency to let rockstar run their course and release the
    DLC they work hard on this stuff and you guys come along and just spill it
    all out and they upset because people are to impatient now a days(would be
    a good idea to make laws on video game leaks and the limits of modders who
    violate codes on XBOX and PS would make the gaming community more balanced)

  12. Theese are fake weapons another youtuber made this pic to see if people
    would steal his vid.

  13. what i really want is to get a 18 wheeler that you can customize to be like
    a attack truck say you unlock it at rank 175 so not everyone is running
    around with it give it a reasonable price tag 500k (just the first number
    to come to mind it doesn’t have to be that much) but then you can change
    the back you could have it be a flat bed or trailer and you can do cool
    things with it for a price say your getting tired of attack choppers or the
    hydra when it comes out you can put a AA gun on the top and that would cost
    you like 250k say you want friends on the back and they need cover you
    could put barriers or something on the sides so they can take cover that
    would cost 100k each maybe you want a turret or something to take out
    pesky tanks you could put a tow luancher on the back for like 400k and you
    can have like a max amount of something so say the max amount of stuff you
    can put on the flat bed is 20 the AA gun would take up a lot of space like
    7 or 8 the tow launcher would need like 3 and barriers would be 1 point
    each so i would have 1 AA 2 tows and everything else could be barriers hat
    would be 20 points or space slots i guess you could say and you cant put
    anything else on there now you can take the part without the trailer and
    put it into a special los Santos custom where the price tag goes way up for
    this crazy thing you want 100% armor that’s 100k but when you have it it
    does something it would take 5 or 6 RPG’s or 9 or 10 sticky bombs you could
    add bullet proof glass but it would just take a lot of shots with the AP
    pistol it fires 9mm you can break the glass with that but because its a low
    caliber it would take 2 or 3 clips assault rifles maybe 30 to 35 shots im
    not going to name every weapon class but u get the idea this would be
    perfect because 1 not everyone is a level 175 2 with price tags like that
    even if someone did have it it probably wouldn’t be armed to the teeth 3
    its slow as hell because its armored but if you don’t want armor it goes
    fast but a single RPG or sticky bomb can kill you 4 its ordered so it takes
    money +time to go get the 18 wheeled tank and 5 iv never seen anything like
    that in any game iv played so just adding that would give me something to
    spend money on and give me a reason to play and 6 that would just be bad
    ass if you see any flaws with this please tell me but i think this is a
    great idea can give people something to work for not just money wise but
    level wise if they bump up the level to 200 that’s cool by me but if people
    just do money glitches they cant really get it because out of the whole GTA
    online experience iv only seen 50 or so level 200’s that i can say got
    there legit iv been playing GTA since it was fixed and im only 166 and say
    it doesn’t work out they can just delete the file and anyone who owned it
    would lose it then they can just refund money or something considering not
    that many people would own that thing it wouldn’t be too hard to give money

  14. Personally I feel that the flare gun is absolutely useless in every aspect
    unless its being used mission specific.

  15. Are you stupid?
    First it’s copy from taltigolt.
    2. Everyone know it , why are you so old.
    No one will watch your video because it’s copy from other youtubers. And
    you upload them like a month later. At list check what you copy!! Come on.
    I thought you was a good youtuber. Stop copying and make your own videos.