GTA 5 Heists DLC “Karin Karuma” Gameplay – How To Unlock Karin Karuma Heist Car! (GTA Online Heists)

GTA 5 Heists DLC “Karin Karuma” Gameplay – How To Unlock Karin Karuma Heist Car! (GTA Online Heists)

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  1. has any one unlocked the humane labs raid yet ? my ps3 name is ghosttec2013
    i really want to buy the hyrdra

  2. Pissed away the entire day trying & every time it said save failed cannot
    connect to cloud server 

  3. Anyone else not able to download hesit my xbox play store says unable to
    connect to play store and when I turn on my Xbox it says some content
    unavailable please some one help!!!! On xbox 360 

  4. in my opinion, the kuruma *citizen* is the best sports car.
    1. its cheap.
    2. it looks good.
    3. its sound is pleasing.
    4. lots of customizations!

  5. Guys anyone else can’t connect to online? Comes up saying cant download
    files to play online. My friends having this issue too

  6. Hi mr boss

    First sorry for my bad emglish.

    But how can i get this car in story mode (offline)

    And the ANOTHER new cars.

    I cant fund it so PLEASE can you tell THIS to me 

  7. Can somebody please add me on XB1 ma GT is ThaAcesta and I need friends for
    heists here’s some info about me
    • Imma ghetto 13 year old but I can be mature
    • I play free aim and I’m a great shooter (I also used to play competitive
    GTA 5)
    • I’m rank 140 and have $900,000
    I only have a house in El Buerro Heights with a 6 car garage.
    I want people who are good shooters, are rank 80+, have a super car, and a
    400-500k apartment

  8. I have a question! When you unlock the Karin Kuruma will you unlock both
    the armoured and normal versions or just the normal one? If it is just the
    normal one, How do you unlock the armoured one? Please answer!

  9. The Karin Karuma looks like the new 2014 Subaru WRX Sedans. – That’s like
    my dream car so I absolutely love the Karuma!
    As for the $525,000 “Armoured” version, I don’t think it’s worth it. Having
    the armour around the vehicle is great and all, but I feel it’s not worth 5
    times more than the standard model. You’re better off using the Zentorno
    (if you already have one) as it has no back windows, small side windows and
    obviously a normal one at the front.

    What do you guys think? :)

  10. My first heist glitched and i cant start it now cuz lester called saying i
    beat it and hes waiting for a new job for me so i got no money nor the
    kuruma from it

  11. Looks like the dominator from i think its storm chasers. One of those tv
    shows were they photograph storms and tornados 

  12. I don’t want to do the heists, but I want the unlocks. Hopefully they make
    it so you don’t have to unlock them. It’s bad enough that they cost alot
    and now you have to do a bunch of shit to unlock them. In my opinion the
    heist update was a bit dissapointing just because of this.