GTA 5 Heists: HEISTS ARE 1 MONTH AWAY! Heist Release Date SOON! “GTA 5 Heist Update DLC Online”

GTA 5 Heists: HEISTS ARE 1 MONTH AWAY! Heist Release Date SOON! “GTA 5 Heist Update DLC Online”

25 Responses to GTA 5 Heists: HEISTS ARE 1 MONTH AWAY! Heist Release Date SOON! “GTA 5 Heist Update DLC Online”

  1. Everytime I watch one of your videos I always feel like it was utter BS.
    You are telling us shit that we already know. Also, you titles are
    misleading and click bait.

  2. Grand Theft Auto Online: Heists Update will arrive on March 17, 2015 a week
    before PC release.
    That’s my guess right there. Could be before too, wouldn’t complain.

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  4. Knowing Rockstar they’re probably going release some info about heists 2
    weeks before they launch so we can rule out February 24th and March 3rd,
    Next we know that they said it’s going to release in the coming weeks of
    PC. Weeks is plural and Rockstar is always careful with their grammar so we
    can rule out March 17th which leaves us with March 10th as the golden day
    unless Rockstar delays Heists again 

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  6. Swear to god if they change it again ( which they probably will ) Imma
    throw a fricking baby at the wall. I mean is it really that difficult!

  7. Question for you swift. If heists turns out to be “bad”, and having waiting
    all this time for heists. What would your reaction be? I assume everyone’s
    reactions would be the same. But sometimes it really comes down to how much
    space do we have on the consoles to support the game. I also think there is
    a problem with the way people exspect updates these days. They sometimes
    fail to remember the definition of update. Yes, I know that rockstar has
    not given an update for a long time but updates is not technically
    overhauling the game. Let’s see what you think

  8. They are never comming out its a marketing scam if you believe that HIEST
    are comming out then your dumb because the frist month that gta5 was out
    they said heist were comming out I had this game on the day it came out and
    to this day they have delay the HIEST like HUNDREDS of times don’t believe
    YouTube’s they probably have so many videos about hiest it’s BULL SHIT 

  9. “Moving a release date is never a decision we take lightly and is a choice
    we make only when we know it is in the best interests of the game and our
    fans.” Which is why we’ve waited so long for heists…and the next gen
    version and now the pc version

  10. heist are never coming out! the closest thing we’ll ever have to a heist is
    the gas station!

  11. It doesn’t say it’s a month away it says that the pc version will include
    it you bozo but rock star Is taking hella long and gta is becoming
    extremely borin

  12. It says it will be launching the coming weeks ahead of pc. WeekS means more
    than 1 and so it is going to be released at least 2 weeks before the
    release of pc :)

  13. I am beyond disapointed with rockstar about heists. Im passed being mad
    about it today. Im at the point where i dont care weather it does get added
    to the game or not. Rockstar go f%#@!# urself for selling to gta fans half
    of what was promised to me and the public.