GTA 5 Heists Leak Shows Extra Last-Gen Content? – The Know

GTA 5 Heists Leak Shows Extra Last-Gen Content? – The Know

25 Responses to GTA 5 Heists Leak Shows Extra Last-Gen Content? – The Know

  1. Bought it for the 360, will probably get it for the PC. 60 FPS, yo. Not
    very interested in heists, I want to see the mods and better graphics.

  2. About time LG got something better than next gen, PS4/Xbox One are always
    getting something better than LG. 

  3. so, the last gen GTA V has shipped more than current gen? hmm, I wonder if
    it’s because it’s been out for much longer

  4. Ashley – “do you still care” me – ” it hasnt even come to pc yet I havent
    even played it!”

  5. When it comes down to it, it’s Rockstar, they rarely disappoint. Will they
    be only a few at start? Yes, will they update it with more, highly likely.
    I don’t think GTA V lived up to the Hype but it defiantly lived up to the
    expectations of a ton of people and Heists will prompt a whole new set of
    videos from a certain squad of hunters who like to achieve.

  6. Will still play it with friends, though it’s become an issue joke where
    we’re just continually saying it’ll be released when the world ends.

    Is nice to see some last gen exclusivity though c:

  7. I feel like the only reason last gen currently has more heists is simply
    because they haven’t all been completed for current gen. I doubt they would
    just leave current gen out when they encouraged people to buy it with all
    of the exclusive content it offered. 

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  9. The only thing I’m looking forward too is GTA on the PC, mods gives games
    multiple lives and GTA is a really fantastic game.

  10. It’s free content, it’s something new. I’ll play it with friends assuming
    they still have their copies, and who knows maybe they have incentives for
    continuing to play it past the initial release.

  11. What’s the point a more? Most people have all the money they could want via
    hacks, modding and glitching. Plus the servers are absolutely fucked. 

  12. The delay doesn’t bother me. The game’s not even out yet as far as I’m
    concerned. Coming to PC in March.

    The long ass-wait for a PC version does bother me though.

  13. Meh, i’ve been heisting on PayDay2 for over a year so not that into the
    whole heists on GTA V i am excited that it’s coming to PC though i have
    buddies who have held out for PC GTAV since the beginning it should be fun.

  14. People are still excited and waiting for this shit game mode that should
    have been released when the original game came out? Holy shit you need to
    learn to move on. Game was overhyped garbage. I get it though, Rockstar is
    supposedly infallible, so anything they do is okay.

  15. I think when (or should that be if?) they finally release heists there will
    be the same initial content for both generations, but the newer gen will
    start to get more releases after that as they’ll want to encourage people
    to move on and leave the older gen behind.

  16. My theory as to why R* doesn’t say anything until AFTER their updates come
    out is they don’t want people knowing when they come out so they don’t
    start grinding out missions to get money instead of buying a Shark Card.

  17. For PC the entire cash system on GTA ONLINE will become pointless same with
    all the activities and fun GTA things you could do with friends…. Until a
    release of a LCPDFR version for V comes out PC version isn’t worth buying
    force THIRD time… Especially because the first I spent 120 on the limited
    collectors addition… Ugghhhh MY MONEY WHY DO YOU LEAVE ME SO,

  18. All this dilly dallying about and they’re only releasing 5 heists? What the
    fuck have they been doing for the last 18 months? Sitting with their thumbs
    up their asses?

  19. Nothing against Ashley but why cant the crew from funhaus to the gaming
    news? Imo they are a lot more entertaining to watch. 

  20. The game is so great, I actually bought for PS3 and PS4. My PC is working
    badly lately, so I didn’t wait for the PC version, but who knows. I’ve
    finished single twice 100% and played a lot of online and still like it.
    Heists? Hell yeah, give them.