GTA 5 Heists Online Gameplay – THE PRISON BREAK! (GTA V Heists DLC)

GTA 5 Heists Online Gameplay – THE PRISON BREAK! (GTA V Heists DLC)

25 Responses to GTA 5 Heists Online Gameplay – THE PRISON BREAK! (GTA V Heists DLC)

  1. I don’t want to do the heists I just want the vehicles. This update is such
    a disappointment…..

  2. Anyone wanna join my GTA V Crew? XBOX ONE Must be 11 to 13. Must have skype
    amd a mic Add me on Skype: ZepharGaming, My Gamertag Axial Zephar and Crew
    name is Axial Enterprise JOIN NOW!

  3. No seriously, why do so many people want to try out shit mid heist. Just
    stick to the fucking plan, when told to. Don’t shoot your gun if you have
    to remain a quiet profile or anything. Come on people, we waited so long
    for this update, and prepared and shit. And when the heist are there, we
    are suddenly going to mess around and shit?!

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  5. I friggin bought a 50$ shark card last week, thinking i was going to be
    able to buy the hydra, kuruma, etc., but then i find out i need to have 3
    close friends that i trust that also have just as much time to play gta as
    i do. Guess im not getting anything from the heist update… F**k you R*

  6. I wish ppl would join my heist. I’ve been stuck on the same heist for 2
    days now because of ppl dying, leaving, or not joining. It’s hard enough to
    get ppl to join with the bad services. Will anyone join me? I’m on Xbox One
    and gt is D4RKness 4W4ITS.

  7. Who want to play the heist?
    i dont care what level you are you
    And Dont fuck around
    And finish the mission
    And stick around
    Anybody who is serious about playing the heist 

  8. On next gen storymode, after I beat the jewelry store heist, the michael
    mission doesn’t show up, nor can i activate any other missions, or switch
    characters. Help please?

  9. Hey guys if i transferred my ps3 account to my ps4 will i get banned as on
    ps3 i duplicated 20 mil

  10. Hate it when people fuck up the heist plan they r dumbass like don’t play
    around take it seroiusly 

  11. My friend and I are looking for a Heist crew on PS4. Add me, jgtejada1998
    if you wanna play. It’d be great if you have a mic and you’re over level
    100 but we really just need two other people because it’s impossible to do
    it with ransoms. We can be on at around 5-6:30 P.M. Eastern Standard Time. 

  12. I hate randoms who can’t do the easiest tasks, I tried this heists 5 times
    and the ransoms that joined are retarted and the fact no one joins your
    game when I need them

  13. Is anybody else having trouble losing the 5 star wanted level in the plane
    at the end of this mission? apparently it’s a bug and my friends and I have
    tried it so many times but it seems practically impossible, any solutions?

  14. Guys anyone want to set up a heist crew must be rank 12+ my gamer tag is

  15. Add me at shamir99 if u want to do heists without trouble I’m mostly online
    and not a noon