GTA 5 Heists Requirements & Things YOU Will Need! (GTA 5 Heists News)

GTA 5 Heists Requirements & Things YOU Will Need! (GTA 5 Heists News)

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  1. MAN im under lvl 12 becuz rockstar earased my stats because i was

  2. how do you choose people to do heists together? do they have to be in your
    crew? cause i don’t have a crew or friends on GTA so how tf do i do heists?

  3. IDK why you made this video, just says everything peaple already know…
    its not new info :/ and you say you could almost compare it to destiny
    because of how hard it is?… but you have’nt even played it yet! Btw im
    not trying to be mean im just saying that videos like this are a waste of
    time for the creater and the viewer…

  4. Need people for heists I have 500k apartment and will be leader just need a
    crew to play it with I’m on ps4 psn is SoftballGirl1342 add me plz

  5. Hey guys I’m looking for 3 heist members over rank 12 For (PS4 Only) psn :
    brandonsa16sa send friend request if interested

  6. im about level 150 on xbox one, and have all the needed apartments, money,
    cars, etc. and i’m looking for people to do heists with. reply to this
    comment if you want to.

  7. Heists don’t even interest me anymore, Rockstar slacked off too much with
    them for me to still give a damn. Still love your videos regardless though

  8. Hi my name is fantastical and today I’m going to be a total condescending
    asshole to you guys and tell you everything about a mode i haven’t played

  9. im rank 113 on ps4 and really good if anyone wants to be in my heist crew
    my ps4 username is bgallaher012345 also i have 7 million

  10. 1:12 Referring to someone as “sad” and saying “Why do you watch my videos
    if your not rank 12” Wow your a fucking dick guess what some people have
    lives unlike you they dont sit on video games all day and night. Calling
    someone sad because their not high enough level in a game to amuse you is
    beyond ridiculous. 

  11. For players needing a Crew on PS3, write down your gamertags below. I’ve
    got the money to plan the heists for :)

  12. So one “Heists” consists of 4 missions, but do you have to do all 4 in one
    go? Can you do one or two, and do the rest the next day, go off and do
    something else, and then go back to the heist when all your friends are
    ready again the following day? Maybe start/join another heist while the one
    you started is on pause? It should be interesting how this plays out.

  13. Fantastical you’re a fucking idiot I’m u subbing it’s not sad or dumb if
    you’re under lol 12 what if you just got the game oh yea and the sticky
    bombs are given to you you don’t buy then you fucktard everyone knows if
    your Lvl 12 you can’t buy sticks so there given to you for heists and guys
    it’s not gonna be 1 hour long because you could do rooftop rumble in less
    then an hour an make more money fantastical you are a rude fucking moron
    used to like you but now just go fuck yourself 

  14. It’s quite ignorant to say that it’s sad to be under level 12. What if they
    just don’t want to do jobs? I enjoy my time in LS without the need of
    levels. Although I’m level 250, I still don’t think it’s right to say that
    being level 12 is a shame. 

  15. Hi guys, I’m looking for a crew, I don’t have too many friends that play
    GTA 5 on the Xbox One, so if you guys want to start a crew with me, or let
    me join a crew, hit me up PLEASE my gamertag is xDOMTHEBOMB

  16. hey guys fantastical did not mean any thing buy saying it’s bad to be a
    level 12 he just ment it’s not good to be like a level five and feel so
    pumped about a really long hard complex mission with people