GTA 5 Heists Setup Checklist – How To Plan For & Start GTA Online Heists! (GTA V)

GTA 5 Heists Setup Checklist – How To Plan For & Start GTA Online Heists! (GTA V)

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  1. Tell”Em to rank up and max up their attributes lung capacity stealth and
    running (flying and driving) don’t matter tho 

  2. That last tip is kinda stupid. Skip school or work just to play heists a
    couple hours early? I admit that was retarded. 

  3. If there is really someone who skips school.or work or sports for Heists, i
    guess that person is probably retarded as fuck. By the way i can’t
    understand why you tell your subs to do such things.. 

  4. Yeah I need 4 people (including me), none of my friends have GTA V on PS4
    :/ I know a youtuber, but that’s it

  5. I know you were joking but seriously, diss school for a video game? Why
    would you encourage your subscribers who, from listening to the squeakpipe
    segments of the squadcast, are mostly kids to cut classes just for
    something that you can do in other games like payday, which are already
    out. What they are doing with heists is no different from what other games
    are doing, I know GTA got you to where you are now, but when you think
    about it Ross, its just a fucking video game

  6. I highly doubt anyone will invite lowranks unless they know eachother. They
    have shit stats like shooting/strenght etc and not to mention poor combat
    XP. Im sticking with lvl 150+ or something in that range xD

  7. Hi,
    i have a few questions about the heist:

    1. I have the Del Perro Hts, Apt 20 (The $205,000 one). Is that a high-end
    appartment, and can u launch heists there?

    2. Im gonna be the leader of the heist with my crew, and i heard you have
    to pay more money as leader to prepare everything. I have 2 million
    dollars, is that much enough?

    Thanks for the answer ;)

  8. I need some people to do heists with on Xbox One. If anyone else is in this
    situation, put your gamertag below or message me “heists” on the Xbox One.
    My gamertag is D4RKness 4W4ITS. I have the Eclipse Tower High Life
    apartment, over $5,000,000, got some nice cars, I’m around lvl 180, and all
    my stats are maxed out. Tbh I’m also pretty good at planning some awesome
    shit out too. So like I said, put your gamertag below or message me
    “heists” on Xbox One if you want someone to do heists with. I’m trying to
    get at least 4 people.

  9. Leave your user if you want to play heists, PS3 only and you don’t have to
    have a mic, I don’t. Also I have 3mil so i can most likely buy most of the
    things(cars, guns and clothes)

  10. Wouldn’t mind some people joining my crew. Most of my crew kinda just faded
    away. On the Xbox One Crew name is Ghost Vault.

  11. High end apartment=check
    Fully upgraded cars=check
    Guns and ammo=check
    Rank 12=check
    Freinds,crew members=check
    How much will the heist cost?Overall epnenses need a answer to this