GTA 5 Heists: WHERE THE F**K ARE HEISTS?! @RockstarGames “GTA 5 Heist Update”

GTA 5 Heists: WHERE THE F**K ARE HEISTS?! @RockstarGames “GTA 5 Heist Update”

25 Responses to GTA 5 Heists: WHERE THE F**K ARE HEISTS?! @RockstarGames “GTA 5 Heist Update”

  1. Sorry but this video is shit. Usually I don’t say that about you videos +
    Swifterrs but it really is. Is this what your content is going to be like
    in the future? If it is…

  2. They’ve had over a Year and a Half to prepare for Heists, we need them
    already! Or at least a Valentines Day Update! D:

  3. I surmise that at 2034, the exact date Half Life 3 is released, heists will
    be delayed for the final time until 2554.

  4. Really swifters I’ve been here since your channel started and done nothing
    but love your vids but what is this shit. This is some shit tier shit
    posting and it almost pains me to see. Plz STAHP 

  5. You guys are misunderstanding Rockstar, when Rockstar says ”We are working
    on Heists” that actually means ”We are NOT working on Heists, fuck you
    all we do what we want because we have enough balls to give out free DLC
    threw holiday/monthly updates. We are rich bitch” While they give us all
    the bird. I mean i don’t understand how your hacking group connections
    didn’t find this in the coding, its clear as day in the coding man. Its
    located after the code ”We dont” then before the code ”give a shit”.

  6. when will you understand that the heist missions are just to hype the
    community and then let you all down

  7. You guys hate on +Swifterrs too much, it’s his channel. If you don’t like
    is content, or want him to “die of cancer” why did you subscribe in the
    first place?

  8. All you gta players bugging and complaing about heistsare unappreciative.
    We are lucky enough to get free dlc. Rockstar is trying there best to make
    the perfect content for us. There is obviously going to be heists because
    there is an official trailer. Just let it rest and do something else other
    than complain over heists.

  9. Don’t worry it doesn’t matter what other people say I love ur contact and
    think they are original!!