GTA 5 – “HIDDEN CUBE” Found Inside FIB Building! – Possible Jetpack Relation!? (GTA V)

GTA 5 – “HIDDEN CUBE” Found Inside FIB Building! – Possible Jetpack Relation!? (GTA V)

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  1. GTA 5 – “HIDDEN CUBE” Found Inside FIB Building! – Possible Jetpack
    Relation!? (GTA V) #GTA5 #GTAOnline #GTA5EasterEgg #GTA5Jetpack 

  2. Certain it’s an easy way for developers to get easier access to textures.
    The texture of the Mt. Chilliad cube was the same as the building, the FIB
    one has the same texture as the FIB building.

  3. Probably just texture tests that were not removed at final release, notice
    the textures are relevant to their surroundings.

  4. Great video :D! I don’t think it’s really the jetpack because if R* would
    to put in the jetpack in gta 5, it wouldn’t be in a glitch like, because
    you basically have to glitch to get it and R* can ban people for glitching
    etc etc. But if you can see this without glitching or something… Then
    maybe 😀 :)!

  5. you know that this boxes maybe direction boxes so devs know where is east
    south etc.. or Y,X,Z coordinates there are alot of them in many games in
    every map and hidden thats why they are inside a buidling not accessable it
    maybe a coincidence

  6. Who honestly cares who found it first. If you found it without knowing it
    beforehand, I don’t care. Either way thanks for sharing!!

    Also how long after the PC release do you think we have a shitload of
    information about all the unknown mysteries? My bet is within 6 hours after

  7. perhaps its something you need to find and build because there is a cube in
    mt chilliad and here perhaps parts to build it btw i not a believer in the
    jetpack theres like no proof at all

  8. I think that’s where one of the new heist interiors are going to be
    rendered. Or just an indicator. I’m assuming this because of those
    animation files chromexmods leaked

  9. That’s not a jet pack, it’s a cube. Doesn’t even hint in the slightest bit
    that it could be a jet pack.

  10. I don’t want to be “that person”. But any open world game has these cubes
    as they are just to mark out directions such as North,East,South,west.
    There will be 2 more of these somewhere. It’s happened before where there’s
    been lots of speculation in games like battlefield (just an example). and
    it turns out to be nothing but direction markers. I’m sorry, but I’m not
    saying there is no jet pack in gta 5. There still could be and I hope it’s
    soon. :D

  11. Keep up the awesome vids man. You are my favorite youtuber. All my support
    belongs to you. You’re great

  12. Somone look around at the observatory. I was wondering around it yesterday
    and I could hear a weird noise. It sounds like a metallic duck noise that
    repeated over and over and over

  13. I am pretty sure it’s just a texture cube. Sometimes they may leave out
    textures that were used in a game. But i don’t know if they left it there
    on purpose or what, because i just think they could have just deleted it.

  14. Look, these are textures. You have them inside your characters too to hold
    your clothes. It’s just easier.

  15. I bet that its 3 cubes, one in mount chiliad, one in the FIB building, and
    one in chumash or somthing and then it forms a triangel, and you know what
    that means ILLUMUNATI CONFIRMED! And btw jetpack probably in the middle of
    the triangel :)

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