GTA 5 Hidden Hideouts & Secret Locations (GTA 5 Hidden Places)

GTA 5 Hidden Hideouts & Secret Locations (GTA 5 Hidden Places)

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  1. GTA 5 Hideouts and Locations under the radar! Hope you enjoy, and don’t
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  2. The first hotel hideout i think the Lost own because whenever i go there in
    online the lost is around.

  3. If I told u my secret hideout it wouldn’t be a secret anymore would it

  4. The first location which u said is a gang hideout is used by the “LOST” in
    an online mission to kidnap a girl and keep her there any you need to
    rescue her from the lost it’s probably a mission by Martin or lester
    (mostly Martin)
    Would appreciate a shout out if I helped you in any way…..

  5. Invite me to a party and game and I can show a couple my gt is NIGHT

  6. The caravans at the movie studio and the first mission you do for solo man
    the rooms the builders come out of

  7. found slight glitch back of government building by the back doors between
    the 2 parked up trailers you need to jump in eather corner 

  8. If people like secret locations and bounty survival locations and some
    glitches on gta 5 subscribe to me I will be posting some soon and it will
    be taken off ps3

  9. in the big red garage in the side where the bridge is on the left side
    there is a wall glitch where you will be invincible until someone find

  10. Nought
    Did you know
    That on ps4
    The is 3 written
    On the wall
    And out in the sea
    The is a dead body
    Under the sea

    shes got
    On here head shes got a bag
    Here feet our stuck on too a stone
    You have to go and see it.

    And the is a mine that you can blow up the
    Door and if you ceep walking you can see a
    Dead body if you zoom in to is face his face
    Is like a Skelton and if you pick that thing up
    Next to his feet and then phone him your screen
    Gose funny its like the 1745 screens you have to try
    It dued it also on xbox 1 TO 

  11. Is like a sketlon
    And if u pick
    The thing up next
    To his feet and
    U phone him
    Your screen will
    Go like the ondlen days
    Screen it works on xbox 1 to

  12. Nought af , got a sum
    For you but this is the
    Hards some ever oak
    Here it is 2×2 and 1+1
    Whats 9+10 = 21

  13. Ok so when I was playing GTA 5 I found out where you can hide out in the
    dessert… Well it’s not really a hide out.Anyways you go to the barber
    shop by the police station go around the back where there’s a fence jump
    over and you should see an air box hanging from the wall I’m not sure how
    to explain it but when you do see it jump on the box.Then get on the
    roof.Now when your up there if you have the police looking for you the
    police will be shooting at the wall instead of shooting at you if your
    ducking down of course.Keep in mind there are also helicopters involved
    with the police.I enjoyed this video a lot.Thanks.

  14. If you go to the Ace liquor store in the desert (it’s a robbable store off
    the main road) and go to the side there is two windows shootout the left
    one and get a tall car then climb onto the air vent then you can climb
    through the window also there is a door in there that will open then you
    can go down stairs and go to the back of the store and hide from the cops
    or whatever