GTA 5 Hidden, Mystery Door Located Outside Michael’s House! (GTA V)

GTA 5 Hidden, Mystery Door Located Outside Michael's House! (GTA V)

25 Responses to GTA 5 Hidden, Mystery Door Located Outside Michael’s House! (GTA V)

  1. I’ve seen jimmy walking out of that alcove a bunch of times when his bike
    is in the driveway sometimes its Amanda’s car or tracys car sitting there. 

  2. Boss who gives a fuck about a door u cant go in!! Dont make vids like this
    nomore playboy.. We cant use this.. I know gta been boring but shit it aint
    came down to this have it?? Lol

  3. Its a window if u shoot where the “Door” is you hear smashing or glass and
    if you shoot the window next to it it sounds the exact same

  4. You are the best you tuber out there you give us what we want and you have
    fun making these videos Thank You ROSS

  5. I think it was the original front door then they decided to add the massive
    front door.

    Oh wait duh, its obviously a hint at a Door DLC. damn how could i miss

  6. The mystery door is a gateway to another dimension created by aliens and
    when you enter the other dimension you unlock the jetpack, and kill zombies
    I know this becuase my fake cousin works at rockstar.

  7. I know how to see throw the door just go to your phone then go to snapmatic
    make sure you standing in front of the invisible door then you can see
    throw it alll it is just a invisible wall if you shoot or throw stickys you
    can see them behind the invisible door

  8. This is just a texture glitch, guys! I am an 3D developer myself and some
    of the buildings I have made has this texture glitch ;)