GTA 5 Hidden Places & Secret Locations (GTA 5 Hidden Locations)

GTA 5 Hidden Places & Secret Locations (GTA 5 Hidden Locations)

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  1. Hey nought I have found another hiding plac it’s near franklin hours down
    right I think the number of the mansion is 3660 not sure don’t remember but
    the garage door opens at these mansion and if u got in u will find half a
    newspaper on the ground it have niko photo on it go check it 

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  4. I know a location that has so much it pretty much deserves it’s own vid,
    contact me if u wanna talk, xbox username: TrueGodOfFear

  5. Number one isn’t all that secret. My gang group has gatherings in that
    warehouse (not house) occasionally.

  6. I got inside a train in gta online and my friend was a witness and he tried
    to get in…wat I did is that I aimed at schizoid sauce and haven’t move
    for a few seconds and when I started moving I got inside and was with the
    conductor who drives the train and I’ve been trying to have my friend to
    get in but can’t he tried many attempts…when I got out I did the same
    attempt but didn’t work but it may be a glitch on getting inside maybe u
    can do something on how to get inside the train where the conductor is

  7. Ive just found this. If you go to the airport, in front where the
    helicopters spawn, there is a flight of stairs, go to the top and you can
    go through the door, which leads to the roof. It is pretty big.

  8. do u accept wallbreaches. the ones i know arent on youtube and im not
    making a video so no one finds me when im at any of those places. they are
    not all hiding places there are some cool spots like humane bldng. did you
    know the bank in blain cnty you can walk in. you have to jump through the
    window tho

  9. Haha at 2:30 you don’t have to shoot the window you can just climb in to
    the room. Your Welcome ;)

  10. In the 2nd secret room at the supermarket you can climb ontop of the green
    soda machine and wallbreach into the sealing