GTA 5 How To Skip Missions (Grand Theft Auto 5 Gameplay)

GTA 5 How To Skip Missions (Grand Theft Auto 5 Gameplay)

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  1. How do they expect me to do a race in the RAIN! It’s like, impossible, or
    maybe my car sucks.

  2. Thanks man, now i’ve got a proof that you can skip missions!
    I mean my parents don’t want to let me buy the game because a gamestop
    employee told them that in the game, you must do every missions, even the
    most violent or disturbing, to progress in the game.

  3. Thanks haven’t played it yet but I’m a bit worried about the torture level,
    hope I can skip that 

  4. thats not a glitch its built into the game and thats how my brother
    finished the game in like 3 hours it took me like 4 days with no cheats or
    glitches the i found out that there was cheats and then i used them on
    another play of story mode it then took me 2 days but it was to easy

  5. does it work in all mission??coz there’s a mission where i died neraly five
    times and there’s not the option to skip!

  6. Doing this not because I suck, but i had to replay the story mode again
    since my file got corrupted.

  7. Does that mean when I need to torture Ferdinand in the torture scene I
    don’t do anything and skip it? How do I skip the torture scene if I cant
    kill myself? (I don’t have GTA 5 (im getting it today. 1/15/2015) so I
    don’t know.) Im about to start gta v (or 4) how do I kill myself or fail
    the mission

  8. i forgot to save… thought autosave was on… any faster ways? that was
    like 5 hours of gameplay…