25 Responses to GTA 5 – HOW TO WIN EVERY CAR SHOW!!

  1. Yo upmostt. I want to tell you to be careful with money glitches and anyone
    who is reading this. I was suspended on xbox live for 2 months and reset on
    gta for apparent money glitching. This also refers to any glitching. I just
    wanted to warn you and prevent anyone else from getting banned.

  2. “How to win any Car show” Blow up the competition, they will have no choice
    but to pick you 🙂 thank me later!

  3. That’s called a blower in real life not a hood scoop and in real life when
    u open the hood it doesn’t go up with the hood cuz it’s a part of the

  4. But every time I shoot the wheels to make the car slammed other people
    always sees bullet holes on the car! Is there a way to make the car slammed
    without people seeing the bullet holes?????

  5. I think it supposed to be a Pontiac GTO I don’t know what year or a
    Oldsmobile cutless supreme 78 maybe one of the two same year both to.

  6. I wish Rockstar included this on the interaction menu wherein you can open
    your doors trunks hoods etc…. also hazarad lights ! ! ! ! ! ! ! !
    No more need shoot

  7. Yea only need to be real car shows for prizes for money in the game. GTA
    don’t listen to ideas though.

  8. Did you bought bullet proof tires ?? Or does it work with bulletproof tires
    ? Any suggestions… ??

  9. If you don’t shoot the lights out, I know a trick to keep the car running.
    Get in the car, get out while holding left trigger to aim, as soon as your
    guy aims, shoot and immediately get back in your car, then get out and the
    lights will stay on along with radio and the engine running.

  10. I am so into cars my dad has a 71 nova with 871hp with a 357 smallblock
    with no nos you can see him race at wisconsin at lacrosse speed way and
    some times at Iowa. His fastest time in quarter mile is 9.90