GTA 5 Independence Day DLC – New DLC Weapons Leaked – Scar-H & MG/AR

GTA 5 Independence Day DLC – New DLC Weapons Leaked – Scar-H & MG/AR

25 Responses to GTA 5 Independence Day DLC – New DLC Weapons Leaked – Scar-H & MG/AR

  1. I want something like a M1 Garand or another semi auto rifle (can be bolt
    action too but no scope), that’d be A M A Z I N G !

  2. A rocket launcher that shoots dildos, a paintball gun that shoots random
    colours of paint, a nail gun that can pin someone to the ground if you
    shoot the feet, boxing gloves so you wont kill someone while fighting(would
    be funny i think), and finally an anti-air missile launcher as weapon and
    then flares for heli’s and planes without weapons on them.
    the end 

  3. I thought it would be cool to get a repeater rifle and a revolver in this
    dlc like in red dead. Two old american weapons. Plus I hope to see a 2014
    camaro z28 look a like in this dlc because it is also an American product.

  4. I would love to see a Hunter DLC with a crossbow, some actual camouflage
    suits, a special Hunter ATV and maybe even a tree house available for
    purchase in a forest somewhere!

  5. Chainsaw, moltov’s, stun gun (but nerfed), definitely a katana 🙂 and maybe
    a crossbow too 😀 

  6. I think that they should add something like a Stinger Missile or a Javelin
    that you can use to lock onto targets with. It can be used on the ground to
    take out Helicopters, Planes, and Tanks. 

  7. not a sniper but a bolt action rifle that you could add a bayonet on, or a
    revolver or a crossbow or a mp40 or ppsh41

  8. I would have Rockstar make a lock-on anti-air rocket launcher (Stinger).
    Those guys that fly around and blow you up get really annoying after a

  9. Purge dlc with a flamethrower and some new mask and some outfits and a car
    with a LMG on top

  10. Rockstar needs to add a flamethrower, chainsaw, hydralics for lowriders,
    and a revolver of some kind like a .44

  11. They should add an military update with a flamethrower a scar h rpg that
    has auto lock on to aircraft and new military aircraft and cars like new
    jet available for purchase with a hangar but with multiple missles lock on
    and special object that u whould like to lock on also a dune buggy with a
    mini gun and some attack helicopters 

  12. maybe the extra slots are for a possible special content weapons dlc? For
    those that don’t have it