GTA 5 – Intro & Mission #1 – Franklin and Lamar [First Person Gold Medal Guide – PS4]

GTA 5 – Intro & Mission #1 – Franklin and Lamar [First Person Gold Medal Guide – PS4]

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  1. I can’t wait till the PC version comes out and I really hope you guys do a
    play through of that. Can’t wait! I could watch your walkthroughs all day.

  2. I know the music is muted becasue of copyright, but the score during
    missions will also be muted! Please, can’t you just turn off the radio
    manually, like you’ve always done? Pleassssse!!!!

  3. just what I told a couple videos back the trailer looks f*cking aweome but
    then when you play the game or at least look at it it’s FUCKING fake it
    looks almost the same!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  4. I noticed some dlc cars driven by npcs which doesnt happen in last gen. I
    also saw that your car now has a blimp on the mini map. The big thing I
    noticed was the crappy textures in the cars. The door had painted on
    textures! Thats unacceptable for next gen games! Especially when we are
    buying the same game full price again. Cmon rockstar, im a lifelong fan but
    I expected more…

  5. I haven’t noticed a difference in the graphics at all. Still looks like old
    gen, traffic has changed but not a lot, all they did was allow different
    cars to spawn that normally wouldn’t in old gen. First person cam inside
    the cars sucks since it still looks like crap (if you have a look at the
    passenger side in the Bravado Buffalo it looks like a fucking cube.).

  6. This video is 13:37 long… 1337… (leet) 1337 : 7 = 191
    191 : 63 =3(.031746)
    The Illumianti has 3 sides
    3 : 3 = 1
    The Illuminati has one eye.
    GTA Series Videos confirmed Illuminati.

  7. Increible los graficos, se nota que mejoraron los reflejos a mil y las
    sombras, ya no tienen esos pocos bugs como en la version de ps3 (Eran muy
    dificil de comsequirlos, pero igual acomodaron esos detalles) en cuanto a
    las texturas si se nota que las mejoraron, y lo mejor es el nuevo contenido.

    PD : en youtube los juegos pierden muchos detalles
    PD del PD : Antes no era fan de gta 5 pero ahora como que me emociona mas,
    no tanto por sus graficos, sino por su jugabilidad y la variedad.

  8. God I love Lamar! He’ll always be my favorite.
    Also, I notice the difference in graphics. It’s a lot smoother than
    previous gen. I like seeing more animals, too!