GTA 5: Jetpack Next Gen Easter Egg Hunt Part 22! Secret Hidden Mysterious Door!!

GTA 5: Jetpack Next Gen Easter Egg Hunt Part 22! Secret Hidden Mysterious Door!!

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  1. I hope you all enjoy this Episode of the Jetpack Easter Egg Hunt! Please
    let me know what you all think of this amazing hidden secret door please in
    the description down belo!

    Help me with hunting and drop all your theories and thought down below!
    This would really help me alot!

  2. Whizl I think that you should stream on twitch. You can stream trying to
    find a jetpack I would watch it.

  3. I’m stating to get embarrassed for you man all this is on last gen dude
    like what your putting up lately, ( besides the whole mine thing cuz
    obviously that’s next gen) is weak sauce dude like your on ps4 making all
    of us who don’t have one think that’s were missing out but we’re not its
    all the same ahit still and I’m coming to believe there’s nothing at all
    cuz of phoneys like you who give false hope just so they can out up an
    “update” to the jet pack which its clearly nothing new seriously dude get
    it together look around “YouTube” some more cuz that’s where your
    information comes from rite just like you told me and make sure it’s Simi
    new info not your bogus crackpot theories 

  4. Dude! I found one little yellow paper in old gen inside the control tower,
    some documents over a desk, it says something but in old gen i cant read
    it, i especulate that it says /To the future/ or something like that and
    you should check it out to see if it has a relation with the space docker.
    PD: im mexican.

  5. ‘THE TRUTH’ the hippy from San Andreas could live there, he was the last
    person to have the jetpack.

  6. I Think This Place Might Be the place where you trigger the secret special
    phone call that no one has ever got While wearing the epsilon robes for 10
    days , if you dont know what im talking about go on IGNs Channel they made
    a video about how in the gta files and coding someguy that deals with game
    programing found supposobly a secret phone call that was supposed to take
    place during those 10 days of wearing the epsilon Robes And No One Has EVER
    Triggered Taht Secret Phone Call It Was Found on Previous gen but im sure

  7. try flopping into the door so your camera goes through it 😉 also maybe its
    nothing like that mine near trevors airstrip you can shoot through the door
    and also did you notice when a sticky bomb went through it kinda flew up?

  8. Dude… Your a terrible searcher you do a lot of different videos make one
    together its not hard to find the alien ship its not hard to find the egg
    the really hard thing is finding all the alien ships goto the map of mnt
    chiliad and look for all the boxes that doesn’t have things in it have
    anything init or sthing and you don’t know and count them.
    .. There should be 5 find 5 ships and they give you clues now… You have a
    cruiser from that guy the floating alien ship the egg and the place all you
    need is the ships now look on them there’s different things for each on I
    only found 3 one said fib so think of the tallest 5 buildings look on the
    mal that came with the game you got there’s a map in every case figure it
    out grab a sub find all the under water clues I found another hidden map
    that showed 5 alien ships flashing lites in a egg and 7 aliens around it
    and there’s a hidden building but not what you found there’s a lot of
    places like that so know you know 5 Easter eggs and I found on in the air
    base and one on the mnt I just gave you all the clues read this over and
    over and you’ll find something more rare then a jet pack and I don’t know
    yet maybe you get a space ship a space car that can fly or a gun

  9. Nice video WhizL
    But wouldnt it be great if Jetpack was on the stock of Warstock.
    With a high price ofcourse.
    Anyway, I subscribed your channel man
    Keep up the nice job!

  10. ▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬ஜ۩۞۩ஜ▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬

  11. Agreed whizl tried it my self no cheats 100% complete no mods my
    playstations original and yet i can throw a claymore clear through that
    door wanted to ask you that rail gun you buy that online or does it come
    with the update its not in my ammunation store and i completed everything
    also this door did you try that firework launcher

  12. Michaels house does the same thing try going to Michaels house and have a
    budy go to your lacation and throw bombs at the door