GTA 5 Leaked “Army DLC” – 9 New Face paints, Mammoth Hydra & Potential Patch 1.17 Release! (GTA V)

GTA 5 Leaked “Army DLC” – 9 New Face paints, Mammoth Hydra & Potential Patch 1.17 Release! (GTA V)

25 Responses to GTA 5 Leaked “Army DLC” – 9 New Face paints, Mammoth Hydra & Potential Patch 1.17 Release! (GTA V)

  1. Why can’t we build criminal empires fuck the zombie Dlc and any other
    retarded update I want to commit white collar crime I want to rob shit I
    want to have you low level bastards who don’t kno how to play gta properly
    work for me and my crew making us richer seeing how most of you are still
    broke after they took the hacked money 

  2. I just love how the GTA community is filled with speculation for DLC but
    other games like CoD just have to wait a month and the big you tubers
    already have videos on it because they got to go early.

  3. I have a great idea for the content in the army dlc
    VEHICLES- Hydra, hunter, and a humvee
    WEAPONS- Scar, heavy mg, and bomb defuser
    CLOTHS- camouflage, guile suits, camo face paint, juggernaut suit and
    military uniforms for many countries

    The bomb defuser- with the bomb defuser you can walk up so a sticky bomb
    and press a button then a gui will pop up. There will be three wires and a
    random # generator will pick one of them and if you chose it you will be
    able to collect the bomb. If you pick the other two, you better have the
    juggernaut suit

    The juggernaut suit- it will be armor at ammunation that costs 10,000
    dollars and depending on how far away you are, you can survive explosoins.
    If a bomb blows up directly on you the armor bar decreases all the way. The
    farther away the less damage it takes. Bullet resistance will be the same
    from the story mode in the poleto bay hiest.

  4. How about a Police DLC? It would include Michael and Trevor’s SAHP
    Uniforms, LSPD and BCSD uniforms, Patrol cars from both LSPD/BCSD and the
    Police Bike. Maybe a Boat DLC. 

  5. I hope they add some WW1/2 style planes like the Spitfire or the Lancaster
    Bomber as well, that would be awesome. I’m also thinking that 1.17 will be
    the Casino DLC, 1.18, hopefully, will be heists and 1.19 will be this DLC. 

  6. They should make the tank a two seater or a three seater one mans the tank
    the other mans the machine gun and the other as just a passenger 

  7. no decoding about cars 🙁 so sad please Mr.bossftw if there are cars
    reported in decoding please do tell bc im sad only the calssics were in
    patch 1.16

  8. they need ghillie suits and have snipers patrolling around the army base
    around mt joshua or whatever it’s called

  9. Things I would love on GTA online
    1. Spread out interest points, it seems that all the fun stuff is only in
    the downtown los santos area they should atleast add more interesting
    things to the vast map.
    2. New golf course in the desert on top of mountains to give it a beautiful
    scenery. I’m one of those guys that actually plays golf a lot on GTA online
    so it would be cool.
    3. (Referring to #1)Add more hangout spots throughout the map like a strip
    club in sandy shores with different women or a bar in paleto bay, heck even
    a mansion out in the desert .

  10. i really wont them to add and up date that has some thing to do with that
    old Russian tank in the junk yard in LS
    that would be cool a two player tank one can drive and use the mg in the
    front of the tank and one can shoot the canon

  11. man i find it sad that alot of you are hoping for the dlc on veterans day
    it’s like you have nothing else to be doing on the day of remembrance 

  12. you dumbfuck the besra and miljet are military vehicles. the besra is used
    for training pilots and the miljet very clearly says “US air force” on the