GTA 5 – Los Santos Beta Map!? – Hidden/Lost City Found On In Game Website!? (GTA V)

GTA 5 – Los Santos Beta Map!? – Hidden/Lost City Found On In Game Website!? (GTA V)

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  1. Hey guys, just wanted to take a quick second out to apologize for the low
    quality of this video. It took me four times to render this video because
    on the first three attempts my PC kept shutting off at the same time, each
    time I tried to render the video, so I removed my watermark and the color
    correction from the video and it rendered just fine.

    – Zac 

  2. GTA 5 – Hidden/Lost City Found On In Game Website! – Possible DLC!? (GTA V)
    #GTAV #GTAOnline #GTAVHiddenIslad #SecretCity #DLC 

  3. 1:03 the paper says the tsunami came “from nowhere.” guess what the name of
    the song in the ps4 and xbox one commercial is. FROM NOWHERE. easter egg? 

  4. 1:14 , why would rockstar create ludendorff for just 2 missions out of the
    whole fucking game? such a waste of hard work

  5. a gta new orleans? it seems sort of coincidental that is is a city that
    floods and has a a name that begins with N.

  6. So fucking misleading and a waste of time. You faggots literally speculate
    on so much stupid shit it’s become a ‘report-on-sight’ thing. WOOAAHHH a
    render of the map for some random website, MUST BE A DLC OR THE OLD MAP!
    No, it’s not, you’re completely fucking retarded if you actually think this
    or you’re just doing it for a video and think speculating and luring people
    to your videos is good.

  7. Well, it’s clearly not Los Santos. Maybe they recycled the assets, but
    they name the city, and the newspaper in question shows an event from
    Chumash in the upper left. We also get before and after shots, so this
    isn’t the Tsunami somehow covering LS.

    Kinda neat, but probably not all that significant. Although, isn’t this
    what the McGuffin in Trevor’s Heist is supposed to do?

  8. Just take a second to think about what your saying its a future Ventura’s
    and Ferraro dlc because it showed not all of the map but just lost Santos
    I’m water. 

  9. ok so in the non stop pop radio you here that new york city is in flood
    season and well if im correct that is new york city and also n and ends in
    city dahhhhhhh new york city

  10. And +Benevolent got so owned he threw a tantrum then closed out his

    For future reference, acting like you’re a child is probably not the best
    way to show me I’m wrong to call you a child.

  11. if you google aerial view of new orleans it kinda looks like this and new
    orleans tends to flood, and gta tend to make their land/states into islands
    as it would take many more years to create a country so if could definetly
    be new orleans, just my opnion its not entirly true

  12. I think Thats an earlier concept of the los santos map. I remember a quote
    from rockstar saying the map was originally going to be a lot more round
    until they decided to expand on blaine county.

  13. I think it ls from San Andreas since it’s slightly a different map than gta
    5 and it shows what happened to that San Andreas map compared to the
    current map also I think that rockstar did not put the jet pack in
    originally they just had the picture on mnt chilliad to see how people
    reacted and should then know if it should be there or not