GTA 5 – Mission #16 – The Jewel Store Job (Smart Approach) [100% Gold Medal Walkthrough]

GTA 5 – Mission #16 – The Jewel Store Job (Smart Approach) [100% Gold Medal Walkthrough]

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  1. this mission was easy but when the motorcycles were going to drive into the
    truck i ran over franklin when he was in his motorcycle with my truck by
    accident lol

  2. I don’t care what ANYONE says…getting all the jewelry on time is NOT
    EASY…you can’t even buck up into anything n 120 seconds fly by fast as

  3. That’s bullcrap I threw the thing in the vent and it says I failed the the
    mission and the cops were alerted!

  4. When GTA VI comes out, I guarantee Rockstar will have the 3 main character
    dynamic again. It would feel like a step backwards without it.

  5. How to get the most money from The Jewel Store Job.
    Use the smart approach that way you won’t have to hire a good gun man to
    watch the crowd since all the hostages will be unconscious.
    Hire the worst gunman, he will crash and you’ll be able to take his cut for
    yourself subsequently resulting in more cash for yourself. Hire Rickie
    lukens as the hacker, just wait for him to give you a call after the life
    invader assassination and you’ll be able to use him as part of your crew.
    if you don’t wait for the call you cant use him!
    Hire the worst Bike guy since it doesn’t make much difference.

    -Sarah <3

  6. My Method
    Approach: Loud
    Driver: Karim Denz (8% Cut)
    Gunman: Packie McReary (12% Cut)
    Hacker: Rickie Luken (4% Cut)

    The goal is to use the worst crew members (except for Packie because he is
    a good member) because their cut is small which means more money for your
    characters. After completing each heist your crew members will upgrade and
    their cut will not not change so you have good members with a small cut. I
    decided to go loud because after beating the game you get the heist outfit
    for Michael and Franklin instead of that ugly exterminator outfit ( That’s
    just my opinion).

  7. lester says you need have to make something to complete it and lester has a
    smart brain and body

  8. I use Gus Mota as my gunman for the jewelry store heist for the complete
    $4.9 million in jewelry

  9. When I did this heist I used Patrick McReary, Rickie Luckens, & Karim Denz
    lost none of the crews & made a lot of cash shouldn’t have chosen Norm
    Richards Casualty Expense – $211,270 loss

  10. I’ve just thought would they not get a shit load of glass stuck in them
    with the way they collect the jewellery? :)

  11. What is really better smart way or loud way? And who’s the best to hire for
    the crew? Please reply if you know I need help with this!

  12. How do I smash all the cases in 50 seconds? I always get 51 seconds or
    more. Somebody please reply.

  13. Michael: Hey guess what
    bank owner: what wait let me guess you stole our stuff again
    Michael: yeah lol

  14. The guy who plays Michael is retired — Michael’s story has ended:

    He got his family back
    He’s a movie producer
    He’s a father and husband to his family

    I doubt he will appear in the next game

  15. I picked the good driver, good hacker, and the worst shooter and did the
    smart heist. On my loud playthrough, I’m going to get a good shooter, good
    driver, and the worst hacker.