GTA 5 – Mission #17 – Mr. Philips [First Person Gold Medal Guide – PS4]

GTA 5 – Mission #17 – Mr. Philips [First Person Gold Medal Guide – PS4]

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  1. So many people complaining about Johnny, am I the only one that thought
    TLAD had the worst story and least interesting characters in GTA? If it
    weren’t for the cool missions that DLC would be so bland and not memorable
    in the slightest.

  2. Trevor just had the upper hand….he had the method of surprise on his side
    and when he cracked the bottle of Johnny’s head, a piece became lodged into
    his temple and when Trevor curd stomped him, the shard went straight into
    his brain.

  3. Johnny fans be ragin’

    “I’m talking to you motherfucker!”
    You’re done, Johnny. You’re done.

  4. Jesus…. Even after a year, this still hurts. Yeah, I know not everyone’s
    a fan, but that’s no need to be such a disrespectful prick about it. How
    would you feel if one of your favorite characters died like this?

  5. Johnny was killed because it made Trevor’s introduction as shocking and
    hilarious as it needed to be and out of all the GTA 4 era protagonists
    Johnny was the most disposable and moat likely to be in this area of San
    Andreas, it also gives Trevor a group of enemies to have for his early part
    of the game

  6. Man I love this cutscene I never get tired of Trevor causing mayhem. Also
    in GTAIV you can kill that black guy you play as in the Gay Tony DLC.
    Johnny and that black in GTAIV guy are just throw away characters.

  7. Johnny was such a good protagonist, in my opinion, but I also like Trevor,
    too. What I don’t like is how at the end of TLaD, Johnny hated meth and he
    was done with Ashley, and now what? He’s a meth head and he’s back with
    Ash. Nice one, Rockstar… And he dies in such a pathetic way. Rockstar,
    you could have done so much more with Johnny, like working together with
    him and the rest of The Lost MC, but NOPE, he HAD to die… 

  8. Woah in old gen Trevor had his pants down, but in new gen his pants are up.
    I dont care that rockstar did that but i just wanted to know why they did

  9. I think rockstar games did this so the player can see how crazy Trevor is.i
    mean have you ever seen a gta protagonist kill another gta protagonist?


  10. Improved draw distance? 4:22 some car just suddenly popped up. but its not
    much of a big deal

  11. Trevor could have just go straight to where the shootout happened instead
    of following the van, because online took place 6 months before campaign
    and trevor knew the lost MC’s location in online

  12. Trevor can kill them all, but they all cant kill him , who make this
    bullshit stories ? When I get this game I know who is going down at the end
    of campaign !