GTA 5 – Mission #22 – Fame or Shame [100% Gold Medal Walkthrough]

GTA 5 – Mission #22 – Fame or Shame [100% Gold Medal Walkthrough]

25 Responses to GTA 5 – Mission #22 – Fame or Shame [100% Gold Medal Walkthrough]

  1. It’s kind of funny how Fabien acts toward Micheal, not afraid of him in the
    slightest. but shits his pants around Trevor

  2. Nama-go fuck yourself! lol!!!

    Which hair place can you go to get that buzzcut for Trevor? He looks like
    Brucie Kibbutz a bit. 

  3. “Did Someone say yoga?” Fabian, but as Trevor entered he rephrased Fabian’s
    line and said “Somebody say yoga?” which is the lead up to the mission
    called “Did Somebody Say Yoga?” I put it to Flylo FM and The Low Down 91.1
    when chasing Lazlow.

  4. I love the fact they play Trevor’s Rampage song faintly before getting the
    rig and completely during the chase.

  5. Anyone see the movie trailer for Blackwell starring Steven Ogg. Essentially
    Red Dead Redemption the movie starring Trevor Phillips. lol.

  6. Tracy is so sexy… we would be the best couple in the world because we
    have the same personality such as 7:10 and when i’m frustrated i’m usually
    like 8:30 :3

  7. It seemed that Michael lost his self confidence after he see me again
    before I turned up it seemed he was more relentless and turned into a twat
    after I showed up gain some self esteem you fat slippery snake ! 

  8. I tried to get the “Fastest Speed” Gold Requirement for hours and I finally
    did it, 106% lol

  9. God damn, trying to get full speed in the truck is a pain in my ass. I get
    98% every fucking time! Annoying as shit.