GTA 5 – Mission #27 – Hood Safari [First Person Gold Medal Guide – PS4]

GTA 5 – Mission #27 – Hood Safari [First Person Gold Medal Guide – PS4]

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  1. Why the fuck Rockstar did this crazy thing about finish some missions in
    time limit.
    I don’t understand. This way the 90% dialogues become pointless, and the
    storyline is not that long. So why you have to hurry up for some stupid
    gold medals?

  2. CJ, and his gang is seen driving with some bikes.
    And you ran him over!!!
    (its not really CJ is a reference)

  3. CJ saves Denise in GTA SA and now she wants Franklin to be more like CJ a
    cold blooded unstoppable killer that gets shit done…even though Franklin
    gets shit done i wouldn’t say he’s as unstoppable as CJ

  4. So what’s the deal with the Accuracy requirement for Gold medals? I prefer
    using shotguns over anything else, but am I punished if some of the pellets
    miss when firing them?

  5. The first time I played GTA 3 was 14 years ago even back then I was
    taken by the graphics, When I played Vice City I often wondered what a GTA
    game would look like when I’m near 30 so I finally got my answer and I’m
    glad to experience this. It’s the best GTA so far. 

  6. The first cutscene conversation clearly reminds me of GTA SA on how Sweet
    looked down on CJ because he found success outside the hood.

  7. I was so hype when it said drive to grove st just wondering who we was
    going to see from Gta sa they knock on my door this random baldheaded guy
    answers it I’m like who the fuck is this nigga?!?! 

  8. I mean, do not understand how the adhesive strips pump without use as
    change the way you point me confused but when I buy the ps4 I’ll understand

  9. 2:49
    Franklin: Hey, isn’t that-DAMMIT I killed him! I also took out Sweet & Big
    Smoke. That’ll teach Big Smoke to make them follow the damn train.

  10. You can actually call Stretch after the mission ends. Stretch actually gave
    himself away after Franklin, with the help of Trevor, foiled Stretch’s plan
    of the either rip them off and to ambush them.

  11. LOL MIN 2:50 pause it: there are 3 bikers similar to sweet smoke and cj.
    They aint them but there is a video showing that as an easter egg, you went
    throught them. I now CJ died and all thats stuff i am just saying