GTA 5 – Mission #57 – Bury the Hatchet [First Person Gold Medal Guide – PS4]

GTA 5 – Mission #57 – Bury the Hatchet [First Person Gold Medal Guide – PS4]

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  1. Mad editing skills. Like ’em alot. Didn’t you guys do something similar on
    your 360 Playthough?

  2. I remember when I first played this mission I was worried that Trevor would
    never forgive Michael and both would end up dead leaving us with Franklin.
    Good thing they didn’t 🙂 

  3. This mission is simmilar to mission :Saint marks bistro” in GTA San Andreas
    – fly to the country/city from introduction.

  4. Do you wanna die here where it´s always snowing? or do you wanna go and
    live where it’s always sunny?

  5. This mission proves that Michael is the biggest FUCK in the “world” of GTA!
    I can’t understand how someone could like this piece of shit. He is a liar,
    a traitor, a false snake! Trevor might be “crazy” but he’s the good kind of
    crazy. I do believe Trevor is the sanest of them all. I’d rather have only
    Trevor as a friend in my life than someone like this asshole Michael. With
    someone like Michael as a friend you are lost, betrayed and abused. How
    does this man sleep (virtually) at night? And why does he resent Trevor so
    much? Trevor has done nothing to him. Even after Trevor found out that
    Michael lied to him about his death he’s willing to be friends again.
    Michael should be honored that Trevor is even speaking to him. Michael is
    such a scumbag for lying to his apparently “best friend”. First he’s lying
    about his death and then about Brad. What a piece of fuck. And don’t forget
    the things he’s done to his own family. Michael is a fucking psycho.

  6. “Go to your grave” that is the most surreal objective ever… Gave me
    chills the first time I read it on old gen 

  7. I don’t want someone’s guess but can anyone tell me EXACTLY what happened
    in North Yankton? I understand they did the robbery, Michael turned himself
    in and arranged a deal with Dave ahead of time (somehow) and the job was
    sabotaged. What I don’t get is, how was it supposed to go and what went
    wrong exactly? Was Brad meant to get shot or was that just Michael saying
    so to cover his ass? Was the plan to kill both Trevor and Brad? I still
    don’t fully understand the Yankton Job and the relation between Michael and
    Dave (example in Dead man walking where Michael says he “made” his career)

    And what is the quote from 11:37 about? What situation would Michael have
    said that in?

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