GTA 5 – Mission #58 – Pack Man [100% Gold Medal Walkthrough]

GTA 5 – Mission #58 – Pack Man [100% Gold Medal Walkthrough]

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  1. Trevor: franklins asleep it’s just me and you
    Lamar: what what are you trying to say you want me to jack you off or
    Trevor: Jesus no god no of corse not unless…

    Lol I died laughing

  2. For those still having trouble with the Not a scratch objective the goal is
    to not let any of your headlights get damaged (that includes the break
    lights on the back) the chassis apparently does not matter on the JB 700.

    Love how these guide videos don’t have any commentary or even a detailed
    explanation of the optional objectives in the video description, it’s not
    enough to show some guy silently running through the mission looking like a
    pro when it probably took some tries to make it look easy. Still I do come
    here for the cutscenes so thanks to GTA Series Videos for that at least so
    no offence just offering some advice.

  3. This is the mission that replaced Brucie’s appearance. Shame, I really
    wanted to steal his car myself instead of Lamar doing it.
    Also really wished I could get the recommissioned JB-700…

  4. Social Networking was a cut mission for Devin Weston in Grand Theft Auto V.
    This mission involved stealing the first car on Devin’s list, the Stinger

  5. For the people having trouble with this one : Start driving slow when the
    cops spot you, this buys you more time to lose the cops, drive around 40
    mph. And as it comes to losing them this is the way to do it : Drop spikes
    > Shoot the copcar overtakes you > Drop spikes > Drop spikes > Shoot any
    and all copcars that manage overtake you. For the ”not a scratch award
    you should keep accelerating after dropping the spikes so the cop cars
    don’t crash into you, most people tend to let go of the gas right after the
    spikes are dropped because a little cinematic scene is triggered when the
    copcars drive over them.

  6. true that mate i mean some missions are hard like the one that you drive
    the airplane and people are shooting at you lol

  7. Yea man that shit woulda been cool if Lamar was one of the main characters
    or.if u could use em like half the game sort of like raiden taking over for
    snake in mgs2 but in a good way

  8. When franklin tries to get the JB700 he just doesn’t move, he stays on the
    door all the time. I’ve tried pulling over, driving all straight n steady
    and killing the cops behind me but nothing worked! FUCK !