GTA 5 – Mission #62 – Reuniting the Family [100% Gold Medal Walkthrough]

GTA 5 – Mission #62 – Reuniting the Family [100% Gold Medal Walkthrough]

25 Responses to GTA 5 – Mission #62 – Reuniting the Family [100% Gold Medal Walkthrough]

  1. Bitches cause all kinds of problems. If Amanda didn’t sleep with the tennis
    coach, these events would have never taken place.

  2. i’ll put you in the fucking ground with the rest of em

  3. Remember the Mission of Grand Theft Auto San Andreas The mission Reuniting
    the Familly with,Sweet,CJ,Big Smoke and Ryder?

  4. i love it when you’re in the car with the kids and they tell you to rob a
    liquor store… ‘DO IT! DO IT! DO IT!’ xD

  5. I dont understand, if that bitch needs peace and quiet to finish her screen
    play, then why doesn’t she just go back home or to a library? Kind of
    reminds me of that AT&T commercial where two parents walk in the store with
    a sleeping baby and expects everyone to be quiet just for them. ridiculous

  6. “Red meat has been blocking your Chi as well as your digestive tract…”
    Michael: I ain’t even gonna go there… xD

  7. “Get a center Michael. You have no center.”
    “HOW about, YOU SUCK MY COCK?”
    one of my favorite moments in the whole game XD XD XD

  8. Rockstar games please do not make a pc version or a ps4 or xbox one version
    of gta v it’s a waste of time and energy you don’t have if you could do
    this for me you would be giving me my birthday and christmas present all
    wrapped up into one thanks again

  9. Referring to killing somebody as putting them in the ground is responsible
    for two of my favourite lines in this game.

    See also Trevor to Lester, over the phone: “I’ll see you put in the ground,

  10. what the fuck. get rid of that bitch. she been fucking another guy all that
    time and you just let her back in fuck that

  11. All kidding aside, this was one of the more heartwarming moments in gaming
    to see a dysfunctional family like this piece themselves back together.

  12. If Amanda did not have sex with that Tennis coach, then any of this
    wouldn’t have happened.

  13. I saw the tattoo video, and someone called it something like “Lazlow Tattoo
    Torture” I don’t technical think it was torture, but a somewhat good dad
    putting Lazlow in his place