GTA 5 – Mission #63 – Architect’s Plans [100% Gold Medal Walkthrough]

GTA 5 – Mission #63 – Architect's Plans [100% Gold Medal Walkthrough]

25 Responses to GTA 5 – Mission #63 – Architect’s Plans [100% Gold Medal Walkthrough]

  1. I aimed a gun at the architect and got a 4 star wanted level and builders
    were trying kill me. I was shooting at the cops for ages but eventually
    died :(

  2. I did a sneak attack and knocked him out right before he got on the
    elevator. Took the briefcase and ran to Franklin’s car. No cops. Got out in

  3. I found a much quicker and easier way to do this mission just spook the
    architect before he gets in the elevator and you can just punch him to the
    ground and grab the briefcase making the second objective much quicker to
    complete, I did it in like 9 seconds.

  4. Best way is to stealth attack the architect just before he climbs the ramp
    to the elevator leaving you tons of time to leave the area 🙂 

  5. BOOOOOOOOOY.! I set myself up for failure when I shot the architect, police
    busted my tires and every damn thing.!

  6. I like every single character. Michael for sarcasm, Trevor for… random
    shit and Franklin for… NIGGAAAAA.

  7. Remember The mission Of GTA SAN ANDREAS Arhitecting’s plans of Caligula’s .
    Remember? It like that.

  8. I parachuted off the building, after silently knocking out the architect.
    As I parachuted I heard them find the body but got out right before they
    spotted me, it was like a movie. Got out in 22 seconds. This game is

  9. The screen goes black as soon as the mission starts I can’t complete the
    game,how do I fix this :/ 

  10. Get a chute, follow him until he reaches the end of the construction and
    stops. You can stealth attack him or point a gun, you won’t get stars, get
    the brief case run towards the elevator and jump out then open your chute.

  11. I waited until the architect got all the way to his final destination. I
    then knocked him out and put 2 bullets behind the back of his skull with my
    suppressed pistol. I grabbed the briefcase then parachuted off the

  12. getting a parachute before involving in this mission would reduce the whole
    amount time 15-20 secs at least