GTA 5 – Mission #7 – Daddy’s Little Girl [100% Gold Medal Walkthrough]

GTA 5 – Mission #7 – Daddy's Little Girl [100% Gold Medal Walkthrough]

25 Responses to GTA 5 – Mission #7 – Daddy’s Little Girl [100% Gold Medal Walkthrough]

  1. Michael did the right thing, he was used to just chilling in his house
    before 9 years, porno and video games was not yet much invented so that’s
    why Michael is protective, In this generation video games, porno, drug
    dealing and other activites appears, that’s why Tracey wanted to get fuck,
    and Jimmy wanted to sit on his ass and play video games all day.

  2. Mike is a good father i don’t see how preventing your daughter to become a
    slut is ruining her life.

  3. For some reason Tracey really reminds me of Lumpy Space Princess? Like the
    way she talks is really similar, just a higher voice

  4. This mission makes me hate those two sons of Michael, i’m glad they turned
    good after the end of the game

  5. 13:22 Is that Luis Lopez in Buzzard? Oh shit, here he does again!
    P.S. That’s how Dignity dissapear after this mission.

  6. How did Michael De Santa’s phone survive in the water. Because water
    conducts electricity.

  7. Am I the only one who enjoys this mission most of all? Don’t know why but
    it gives such a great atmosphere.

  8. Kelly Rowland’s Work is heard on the boat. I got the gold medal in this
    mission because I made it to the boat in fifty-eight seconds to achieve
    faster than fish.

  9. One thing I love about this game is being able to view the different walks
    of life. With that being said I cant stand Jimmy or his sister, they have
    to be the most ungrateful, spoil, privileged kids smh wtf, they
    have no sense of what life is about. Too much money and no sense.

  10. I guess i really like michael im not gonna kill him at the end cuz he
    sacrifies everything for his family like he doesnt want tracey(whore) to be
    humiliated and he pulled out jimmy’s lazy fat ass to do some activity. 

  11. This is the fucking right example for what the goverment in USA shall
    legalize to give a slap ur kids

  12. I don’t advocate destroying televisions like that but I do agree with
    Michael. Jimmy is a whiny, rude, and lazy good-for-nothing who just sits
    there doing nothing but eating, sleeping, smoking pot, and playing video

    I mean, there’s so many things that 20-year-olds should be doing. Like
    going to college or getting a job if you cannot afford (which he can). Or
    if he’s really into violence, join the military and serve the nation.