GTA 5 – Mission #70 – Lamar Down [100% Gold Medal Walkthrough]

GTA 5 – Mission #70 – Lamar Down [100% Gold Medal Walkthrough]

25 Responses to GTA 5 – Mission #70 – Lamar Down [100% Gold Medal Walkthrough]

  1. To be honest, Tanisha and Lamar pissed me off in this part. How Tanisha be
    mad at Frank for not wanting to save him? Lamar has been nothing but a
    thorn in Frank’s side. Then Tanisha is flaunting her relationship around
    and putting Frank down to save Lamar because Franklin actually accomplished
    a goal albeit in a controversial way. It’s just a game, but still. lol

  2. HATE THIS MISSION! I can never get the fucking time limit, it’s always 6
    secs, 4 secs, 9 secs, fuck this shit!

  3. Franklin kept talking about Tanisha throughout the game like she was this
    supermodel then she finally appears in this mission and all she is is a
    hoodrat lol and what doctor is going to marry her? DR. DRE!!?!! Fuck outta

  4. Every other encounter Tanisha says “I want you to change”. Now she says
    don’t. Indecisive bitch.

  5. I hate Tanisha, she’s so condescending & hypocritical to Franklin since she
    left the hood & wanted nothing to do with The Families even when Franklin
    decides he wanted nothing to do with The Families & live a better life she
    still criticizes Franklin & & then has the nerve to tell Franklin she’s
    getting married to a doctor tomorrow 

  6. I don’t see a reason why Lamar isn’t included in the heists.
    As a gunman or driver.

  7. Tanisha is a gold digger and a size queen; I hate how women are able to get
    away with this and it being okay in society. When he says he’ll change you
    can directly see her look away so she can think of another excuse. Also,
    how the fuck did she know where he lived?

  8. I got the title of this mission between Lamar Down the movie “black hawk
    down”.. Lamar said he was half native american and there was a tribe of
    native americans called ‘black hawk indians” I don’t know if that’s
    correct but I made the connection

  9. Ok let’s be honest here Trevor is the most real, but crazy character in the
    game. I like him because he’s the most real and definitely wouldn’t ditch
    his friends like Michael and Franklin is just the confused guy that makes
    the wrong decisions like picking to kill one of them or he gets some money
    and forgets about the rest of his friends. The other characters are dicks.
    Trevor doesn’t even buy a big house after he gets millions of dollars, now
    that shows some character. Now remember this is just my opinion. I do not
    care if you hate or want to smurle me.


  10. i did get to Lamar but for some reason he does not walk with us and no
    danger is coming so i’m stuck am i the only one with this problem on PS4
    version btw i did not use any cheats during the whole game 

  11. The one thing I hated about this game was always having to drive
    everywhere, spent more time pressing the drive button then any other button
    on the controller.

  12. Tanisha aint shit and I would have kick Lamar ass for all that shit he was
    talking and shot Hains in sight lol

  13. Lamar is extremely ungrateful. Franklin saves his life and all he does is
    complain about it? Some friend he is